360 Content Carousel

The 360 Content Carousel is a great opportunity for ContactAtOnce and its 360 Partners to present targeted value-added content to a consumer during a chat conversation to enhance the user experience and improve action rates.

Transcript Request Take It On the Go HookLogic Incentive Get Pre-Approved in Seconds
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How it Works

When a chat conversation starts, ContactAtOnce determines the participating players (publishers, merchants, partners) based on ID’s in the code. We check account levels and 360 partner subscriptions to determine which content is to be shown in the Carousel. In some conversations, it may just be the Transcript Requester that shows while in other conversations, it may show Take It On the Go, HookLogic Incentives and ELend Solutions Pre-Approval applications (as shown above).

Carousel Behavior

  • The Carousel rotates between the panels every 5 seconds.
  • The rotation pauses when the consumer mouses over a panel or starts to fill one of the forms.
  • The Carousel remains open and active even if the chat conversation has ended.

Technical Highlights

  • The content panels can be hosted by ContactAtOnce or third party servers
  • Key information is passed to the content panel for merchant/conversation identification
  • API is available for 360 Partner to post event information back to ContactAtOnce for closed loop reporting.

Want to be a ContactAtOnce 360 Partner?
ContactAtOnce! is always interested in exploring new opportunities to enhance the chat experience for consumers and our partners. If you would like to have discussions about becoming a 360 Partner. Contact Bill Berry, VP Business Development via email at bberry@contactatonce.com