Product Release Notes – April 2010

Overview ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements, many of them requested by you, our valued users and customers. These enhancements, available now, are designed to allow you to derive even more value from ContactAtOnce!  Highlights of the new or enhanced features include:

      • Mobile Desktop Extension General Availability Release
      • ContactAtOnce! ‘201’ Web-based Self-Service Training
      • Merchant ASP Provisioning Enhancements
      • CARFAX Vehicle History Report Alerts
      • Scheduled Reports for Merchant Organizations
      • Idle Conversation Closer
      • Integration Code Re-send Self-Service

Mobile Desktop Extension General Availability MDEClient

Key capabilities of MDE include: ContactAtOnce! now provides a “Mobile Desktop Extension” (MDE) that allows sales agents to answer chat requests from “smart phones”. Mobile Desktop Extension, now in general availability release allows chat requests to be answered even when the receiving sales agent (s) are not immediately in front of their computer.

      • No software installation required; MDE uses the internet browser on appropriately equipped smart phones
      • SMS alert to inform agent on chat request
      • One click acceptance of a chat request
      • Forward to Desktop function to allow simple, seamless transfer of chat sessions back to the agent’s desktop IM
      • Linkage to desktop IM account; No need to remember to logout of a mobile IM client at the end of the day

For more information, please see Mobile Desktop Extension.

ContactAtOnce! ‘201’ Self-Service Training
ContactAtOnce! ‘201’ Web-based Self-Service Training is now available. Accessible 24×7 from within the ContactAtOnce! Portal. The web-based training can be taken from anyplace at anytime. The training consists of six modules packed with great content to allow you to learn best practices for maximizing the value of presence-aware advertising and chat. The modules include:

      • Chat Basics
      • Advanced Chat
      • Conversations in Action
      • Reviewing Chat Transcripts
      • Chat Management
      • Conversation Testing

The Web-based training is available now from the new Training tab in the ContactAtOnce! portal. The training may be access by administrators and by agents (signing into with their assigned IM userid and password.
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Merchant ASP Provisioning Enhancements
ContactAtOnce! released many enhancements to the Provisioning tools for Merchant ASP Providers. These enhancements improve the ability to provision new merchant accounts. Specific enhancements include:

      • New provisioning web service API for Merchant ASP.
      • Enhanced provisioning request that allows certain account attributes to be specified at provision time.  Examples include CRM Email address and Display Telephone Number.
      • Advertiser Profiles for new accounts. New accounts may be provisioned using default profiles to control many account aspects including for example placements and drop in business cards.
      • Enhanced Provisioning Status Reporting

CARFAX Vehicle History Report Alerts


ContactAtOnce! now alerts automobile dealer sales agents to the availability of CARFAX Vehicle History Reports at the beginning of a chat session.  Key concepts:

      • An alert is received upon acceptance of the chat, if a Vehicle History Report is available.
      • Important elements of the Vehicle History Report, including One Owner status and Accident History are pushed in the alert
      • The sales agent may easily push a link to the customer for one-click access to the report

For more information, please see CARFAX Vehicle History Report Alerts.

Scheduled Reports for Organizations
ContactAtOnce! now provides scheduled reports for Merchant Organizations.

Idle Conversation Closer
ContactAtOnce! now automatically closes chat conversations that have been left idle for an extended period of time.  Previously conversations were allowed to stay open indefinitely which created confusion occasionally when transcripts were not emailed due to the conversation still being open.  Conversations are gracefully closed after 15 minutes of no activity.  Both agent and consumer are provided alert messages in advance and may extend the conversation by simply sending a chat message.

Integration Code Snippet Self-Service Re-send
ContactAtOnce!  now allows a Direct Merchant to resend the required integration code snippets to their web master or other parties via a simple self-service request form the portal.
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Provision Tracked Number Web Services
ContactAtOnce!  now allows Publishers to provision and release individual tracked telephone numbers via the Advertiser Manager web service.