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ContactAtOnce! alerts Auto Dealer agents to the availability of CARFAX® Vehicle History Reports during a chat session to assist the sales person in the marketing of a vehicle.

Topic Overview
CARFAX Vehicle History Report Alerts assist automobile dealer sales reps with the marketing of a vehicle. ContactAtOnce! alerts a sales reps, at the outset of a chat session, to the availability of a Vehicle History Report. The alert includes key information from the report, including for example Accident information and One-owner status.  The sales agent may then easily push a link for the customer to view the Vehicle History Report.
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How It Works
ContactAtOnce! sends an instant message alert to the answering agent at the beginning of a chat session when the availability of a CARFAX Vehicle History Report can be confirmed.  Key points:

  • The alert is sent at the beginning of the chat conversation
  • The alert is sent to the agent that answers the conversation only
  • The alert is sent only to the agent, not to the customer
  • Important context from the Vehicle History Report is contained within the alert text including accident and One Owner status

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Vehicle History Report Alert Requirements
CARFAX Vehicle History Report Alerts will be sent subject to the following minimum requirements:

  • The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) must be passed to ContactAtOnce! as a query string argument in the format VIN=xxxxxx
  • A Free CARFAX Vehicle History Report must be available for the vehicle.  Dealers wishing to use this service must subscribe to the CARFAX service (licensed separately)

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