Manage Mobile Text Connect

From this page, you may modify several Mobile Text Connect Settings to control certain ContactAtOnce! features.


Email Alert
You may select the frequency at which you receive email notification on inbound text messages. The notification email includes the full transcript of the text conversation and a hyperlink to a web page for responding to text message.

There are three frequency options:

  1. Always [default value] – the Agent who accepted the conversation will receive an email every time an inbound text message occurs.
  2. Only if offline – the Agent who accepted the conversation will receive an email only if not online with the ContactAtOnce! desktop agent client.
  3. Never – no email will be sent at all.

Disable Instant MTC Rollover
Disable if you would like to turn off instant rollover of new MTC conversations.

  • You must have have Rollover capabilities.
  • Only suppresses when only the chat center agents are online.
  • Default behavior is for conversations to instant roll to chat center.

Cloak Consumer Number

Enable this option to cloak the first six digits of the consumer’s mobile phone number in reports and in the ContactAtOnce! agent client. Cloaked number example: ***-***-1212

Call Recording

If this option is checked (enabled), calls to the Mobile Text Connect number will be recorded and available for playback in the Call Detail report.

Takeover Conversation

If this option is checked (enabled), Agents logged-in the ContactAtOnce! portal with their IMId and IMPassword can search and take over conversations that are currently owned by other agents. This feature is especially useful with Mobile Text Connect in the service department of an auto dealership.

Display TakeItOnTheGo

If this option is checked (enabled), Consumers will have the option for TakeItOnTheGo in their chat window. This feature is a natural extension to our award winning Mobile Text Connect product which connects Consumers with Chat Operators via SMS through the ContactAtOnce! network.

Send MTC alert after conversation

Sending the MTC alert after a conversation uses our  Text Followup feature. The Text Follow up allows your chat agents to communicate with customers and prospects via SMS through the ContactAtOnce! Chat Network. The Text Followup process happens automatically on accounts provisioned with the feature. Text Followup is initiated at the end of a regular chat conversation when you are asked to update the Customer Profile.

Auto Response VCF Type

Phone Contact Cards (aka vCards) are a great way to send contact information in today’s mobile world. A vCard is a standardized file that contains key contact information (first name, last name, company name, email, address, photo url, etc ) which can be consumed by most contemporary mobile devices and computerized contact management systems. ContactAtOnce! uses vCard v3 format.

There are three VCF Types related to sending of Phone Contact Card via MTC as an auto response.:

  1. Agent – this option is the default and will use the agents name, email and photo.
  2. Merchant – this option will use the account display name, default email and provider logo.
  3. None – this option stops the contact card from being sent.

Disable ADF Resend

This feature allows you to choose between only sending the ADF for a MTC Conversation once (when the conversation is started) or each time that additional SMS exchanges are made.