Social Media Links in Chat

Feature Definition

ContactAtOnce! allows advertisers to insert links to popular Social Media sites into their chat window. If specified, site visitors that are chatting with an advertiser will be presented with links to the advertiser’s Facebook Fan Page and/or Twitter pages.

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  • Consumer engagement.  Site visitors may wish to visit an advertiser’s social media sites as part of their shopping process.
  • Improved return on Social Media marketing efforts

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How It Works

  • The advertiser has previously specified, via the Advanced Settings portal page, Social Media page links to be displayed to the site visitor.
  • A customer initiates a Chat/Instant Messaging session.
  • A link to the advertiser’s Facebook and/or Twitter pages are presented in the ‘button bar’ of the consumer Chat Window
  • The site visitor may click the Facebook button facebook. A new window will appear with the specified Facebook fan page.
  • The site visitor may click the Twitter button twitter. A new window will appear with the specified Twitter page.
  • The Chat session continues as normal.

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