Agent Provisioning

From this page, you may enter the information required to provision agents of your business to use the ContactAtOnce! Service.

Agent Provisioning 

First Name
First name of agent.  It will be displayed as agent name in the site visitor’s IM Window.

Last Name
Last name of agent.  It will be displayed as agent name in the site visitor’s IM Window.

agent name highlight

Email address of the sales representative.  This email address will be sent an enrollment email as well as email transcripts of each IM/Chat session that the agent answers.

Agent Mobile Number
Mobile phone number of the sales representative. A text message with link to download the Contact At Once! Mobile App will be sent to this number.


Routing Type
Routing Type controls the IM/Chat sessions alerts that a sales representative receives.

  • Standard – the sales representative will receive IM/Conversation alerts for all customer-initiated chat sessions, subject to routing rules.
  • Forward Only – the sales representative will only receive Conversation Forwarding requests from other agents and will not receive IM/Conversation alerts at the beginning of an IM/Chat session.


Max # of Open Conversations
Contact At Once! allows you to designate how many conversations an agent can have at any given time. Once the agent has reached their Max # of Open Conversations, they will no longer be alerted for new conversations until at least 1 of their conversations have ended.

Hot Lead
Hot Lead allows you to designate agent(s) to receive Hot Leads.

Agent Image File
You may upload an image of the sales representative. The image is presented to the site visitor and will be displayed in the site visitor’s IM Window.

agent photo
Technical Notes:

  • The image file must be of type .jpg, .gif, or .png.
  • The image file will be truncated if it exceeds 110 pixels in width
  • The image file will be uploaded and stored on the ContactAtOnce! servers.
  • To preview how the image will appear in the ContactAtOnce! instant connect session, you must click the upload button.

Update the agents information for all cross assigned accounts

How it works:

  • Checking the box will cause all other accounts the agent is listed on to be updated with any changes made.
  • The box will not be checked by default.
  • Located on the provision agent page after the option to edit is selected for an existing agent

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