Advertiser Settings

From this page, you may modify settings that control the Advertiser experience when using ContactAtOnce!

Advertiser Settings

Publisher Name
Name as it will appear to Advertisers in email communications sent on Publisher’s behalf by ContactAtOnce!, examples include:

  • Provisioning “Welcome Package” email (sample below)
  • Offline Contact emails
  • Others


Default Time Zone for Advertisers
You may select a default time zone for your Advertisers.  The default time zone will be the default time zone for any Advertisers that you provision.  Several of the Advertisers reports will translate timestamps into the Advertiser’s defined time zone.

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Provisioning Email Logo
Upload a logo representing your business that will appear in the ContactAtOnce! provisioning email sent to your Advertisers.


Technical Notes:

    • The image file must be of type .jpg, .gif, or .png.
    • The image file will be uploaded and stored on the ContactAtOnce! servers.

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Conversation Disposition
Select a conversation disposition to be used by an agent when updating the Lead Status in the customer profile.
Visit the Manage Advertiser Contact Settings page to customize conversation dispositions.

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IM “Lead Pop” Text
Define the text that appears in the Advertiser’s IM window when they receive an IM lead from your site. The text informs the Advertiser of the lead’s source (e.g,. “Here is a sales lead from Acme Publishing”).

Lead Pop text

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