Release Notes – March 2014


ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of new features and products, many of them requested by you, our valued users and customers. Some of the newly released items for the quarter ending March 31, 2014 are the following:

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Behavioral Chat Manager

ContactAtOnce! has developed a Behavioral Chat Manager, accessible in the Portal, to manage our new Behavioral Chat Invitations. This will allow all users to create rule-based automated chat invitations that will be issued to web site visitors based on one or more behavioral triggers.


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Name Prompt Manager

ContactAtOnce! now offers configurable pre-conversation prompts (also referred to as Name Prompts) that can be managed through the portal.

  • Supports custom Prompt Message and Disclaimer text
  • Supports different prompts for desktop and mobile
  • Supports any combination of following fields on Name Prompt page
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Zip Code
    • Phone Number
    • Question
    • Contact Method
  • Supports custom text labels for each field
  • Supports adjustable presentation order for each field

Learn more about the Name Prompt Manager.

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Mobile Text Connect Improvements

ContactAtOnce!has made several improvements to the award winning Mobile Text Connect feature including Take It On The Go!, Configurable Auto-Acknowledgement & MTC column in the Lead Source Report.

  • Take It On The Go! – allows consumer to continue chat conversation with the same agent via SMS.
  • Configurable Auto-Acknowledgement  – ContactAtOnce! now supports customization of the message that is sent automatically when a consumer initiates a mobile text conversation. Self management through the portal is not yet available. Contact our support team for assistance with this new capability.
  • Mobile Text Connect column in Lead Source Report

Learn more about Mobile Text Connect.

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Consumer Client Custom Slider

ContactAtOnce! now supports  presentation of third party content ( from 360 Partners)  on the consumer side of a chat conversation.  This capability is meant to  enrich the consumer chat experience while increasing engagement, lead capture and sales conversion rate.  Virtually any type of content can be presented through the Custom Slider which is a unique advantage for ContactAtOnce! 360 Partners.


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