Visitor Settings

From this page, you may modify settings that control the Site Visitor experience when using ContactAtOnce!

Site Visitor Settings

Optimize for Clicks or Connections
Publishers may elect to optimize for maximum site visitor clicks over interactive conversations. To understand the implications of this setting, one must first understand the ContactAtOnce! Advertiser monitoring feature. ContactAtOnce! constantly monitors the activity of each Advertiser in order to understand which representatives are online and “active”. ContactAtOnce! automatically marks an Advertiser representative as “away” after a defined period of keyboard inactivity and marks an Advertiser as “extended away” after a defined period of time. The optimize for clicks over connections thus controls the interpretation of Advertisers in “away” mode as “available” or “not available”. Optimizing for Clicks will tend to present the ContactAtOnce! presence icon in certain situations when the Advertiser will not be able to answer. Optimizing for Connections will present the presence icon only when there is a higher probability that the Advertiser will be able to respond to the site visitor. See graphic below:

Inactive Time VariableAdvertiser's StatusOptimized for Clicks Optimized for Connections
0 minOnlineOnlineOnline
5 minAuto AwayOnlineOffline
15 minAuto Extended AwayOfflineOffline

Require Name Prompt
ContactAtOnce! can present a “name prompt” which a site visitor must complete prior to being connected to an Advertiser sales agent.  The name prompt information is passed to the sales agent and captured in the ContactAtOnce! lead tracking analytics.  The implications of this setting:

  • Yes – the site visitor will be required to provide contact information prior to starting an IM conversation.
  • No –  the IM window will open without requiring the site visitor to provide contact information.

Enable Video Chat (VoiceConnectPC)
Enable visitors to engage in face-to-face conversations with Advertisers by clicking on the VoiceConnectPC button. The video chat will be accomplished via Adobe Flash Player (make sure installed beforehand).

A webcam is required.

voiceconnectpc(video chat)

Publisher Logo for Site Visitor IM Window
Upload a different logo representing your business. The logo is presented to the site visitor and will be displayed in the top left hand corner of the ContactAtOnce! instant connect session.

publisher logo for SIte visitor

Technical Notes:

    • The image file must be of type .jpg, .gif, or .png.
    • The image file will be truncated if it exceeds 110 pixels in width
    • The image file will be uploaded and stored on the ContactAtOnce! servers.
    • To preview how the logo will appear in the ContactAtOnce! instant connect session, you must click the upload button.

Style Sheet/Theme
Publishers can control the look and feel of various windows their consumers use. Go to the Available Themes page to get view the available theme choices.

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