Overlay Engagement – Feature Overview

Feature Definition

An Overlay Engagement notifies the site visitor that an advertiser is immediately available to start a conversation by chat or MTC.

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  • Convert site visitors to leads!
  • Convert what may have otherwise been an email lead into a higher-value, interactive lead is notified upon page load that the advertiser is available
  • Complete lead tracking and analytics captured for publisher and advertiser
  • Real-time engagement of site visitor and advertiser

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How It Works

  • A site visitor visits an advertisement enabled with the ContactAtOnce! service.
  • Shortly after page load, ContactAtOnce! presents an “engagement” window notifying the the site visitor that the Advertiser is immediately available.
  • The site visitor is prompted to initiate an interactive conversation.  When site visitor responds, the appropriate ContactAtOnce! direct response mechanism connects the site visitor to the advertiser and capture the lead information.
  • If the site visitor chooses to close the engagement, the engagement will not display again for that visitor for a period of one hour. This only applies to those that have the option to close the engagement. If the option to close the engagement is not available, the engagement minimized.

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