Desktop Agent Client v5.5


ContactAtOnce! has added several new features and improvements to enhance the chat and text experience for Agents and Visitors including the following:


MTC Search

MTC Search functionality allows agents using the Desktop Agent Client to quickly search for MTC conversations by consumer last name or phone number. Additional quick search options are provided to allow Agents to quickly scan things like active, paused, unassigned and recent MTC conversations.




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Visitors sometimes need help completing tasks on your website such as filling out a form or completing a transaction. By using Contact At Once! CoBrowse feature, your agents can view and control your visitors browser tab and navigate collaboratively in real time. In addition, CoBrowse doesn’t require any software installation on the consumer’s computer nor does it require any additional code on your website.

The CoBrowse feature is now available for customers using the ContactAtOnce! embedded window. Read more about how to customize CoBrowse settings here.

When a web chat conversation has the option to start a CoBrowse session with a visitor, clicking the CoBrowse button will send an invitation to the visitor. Once accepted by the visitor, the CoBrowse session will begin in a new tab.


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Real-Time Translations for Messaging

Contact At Once! now offers real time translation support for messaging (previously available for chat conversations). Real-Time Translation allows agents to answer async or MTC conversations in different languages in real-time! Simply select the desired language from the dropdown and type your message. Once you hit send, the message will be translated and will display to the consumer in the selected language.

For example, when selecting French from dropdown and sending “Hi”, the consumer will receive the translated version of “Hi” which is “Salut”.

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Chinese and Hindi Language Support For Real Time Translation

Support for the following languages has been added to Real Time Translation.

  • Chinese Simplified
  • Chinese Traditional
  • Hindi

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Visitor Information Visibility Prior To Answering Chat

How much information do you really need to make a decision to accept or deny a chat conversation? Well, your answer to this question might be different from the agents sitting next to you. So – we are going to let you decide that!

When an incoming chat is routed to you, would you rather have all the information about the visitor up front? or not at all? Contact At Once Desktop Agent Client v5.5 now let you configure your preference using the “Open Tabbed Content On Answer” option in the Desktop Agent Client > Settings > Chat

When this option is checked (default), the visitor information will be hidden, so you could make a decision quicker.

If you prefer to have visitor information displayed before answering the chat conversation, uncheck this option.

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UnAssign Me

If you have ongoing messaging conversations (MTC or Async) assigned to you and you would like to unassigned yourself from them (e.g before an extended absence or when you responsibilities change and the topic of the conversation no longer applicable). You can now easily unassigned yourself right from the conversation.

Simply click the “UnAssign” button to remove yourself from the conversation. If the consumer respons to this conversation again, the conversation will be routed to all other available agents.  

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