Contact Service


The Contact Service provides operations for initiating ContactAtOnce! communications services.

Version 2 WSDL
Format: XML
Method: POST

URL (regionally defined. Note: The SOAP action between regions does not change and will always be at base url


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    Initiate a FormToPhone Request.

    providerProviderCredentialRequiredCredentials required to authenticate and authorize the request.
    advertiserIdStringRequiredSpecifies the AdvertiserId for which the FormToPhone service is intended.
    customerNameStringRequiredThe name of the customer.
    callbackNumberStringOptionalThe customer callback number. If null, the FormToPhone will be an alert only and will not offer the customer callback option.
    numberToAlertStringOptionalThe telephone number at the advertiser location that will receive the FormToPhone alert.
    listingDetailsArray of LeadDetailNameValuePairOptionalRelevant, contextual lead data to be conveyed to the advertiser.
    leadIdStringOptionalAn identifier for the lead. Used to correlate FormToPhone results to existing proof-of-performance systems.

    HeaderHeaderStandard ContactAtOnce! Web Service Response Header.
    BodyBigIntUnique identifier assigned to the FormToPhone request.

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