Sales Tips & Best Practices

Best Practices

Now that you are comfortable with ContactAtOnce!, here are a few tips to keep in mind while using ContactAtOnce!:

  • You must be signed in to receive ContactAtOnce! leads.
  • The ContactAtOnce! presence icon will automatically turn off when you leave your computer for extended periods.  Therefore, it is not necessary to sign off when you are away from your computer.
  • ContactAtOnce! will automatically email you a transcript of each customer conversation for lead tracking purposes.
  • The first instant message includes a clickable hyperlink that often enables you to see the exact page from which the customer initiated the conversation.  As available, additional information (e.g., Year, Make, Model, StockNumber) is also included.
  • You must respond within 90 seconds to the first customer IM.  Many customers will not wait that long… There is no “timeout” for subsequent messages.
  • To accept the customer conversation, simply send an instant message in reply to initial customer IM.  You may click the <Accept> button initially for instant acceptance.
  • The <Terminate> button ends the customer conversation.  Use sparingly, if at all; generally customers will naturally end conversations quickly and exit.
  • Include your picture in your profile, prospective sales customers will be disarmed more quickly if they identify with you.  The picture helps to personalize the experience.
  • When the customer exits the conversation, you will receive a system generated “GoodBye” IM and the red “In Conversation” indicator will change to green “Awaiting Customer Conversation”.
  • Click the IM History buttonIMConversationHistoyReportLink to view the IM Conversation History report. One click allows you to understand previous IM conversations with the customer and be able to update the customer profile with name, email address and telephone.

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Sales Tips
With the above in mind, some specific tips that will help you get the most sales value from your ContactAtOnce! IM leads:

  • You will not necessarily know, at first, the customers name.  So answer their question and then ask their name.
  • Respond quickly.  The quicker the better.
  • Keep your IM messages short and quick.  Break long messages into multiple IMs.
  • Once you have answered the first question, prompt the customer to tell their name with something similar to “My name is ___, what’s yours?”  Even though your name is automatically displayed, this gives the customer the cue.
  • Consider asking the customer for email and or phone number in case follow-up is required but after answering the first customer question.
  • Remember ALL CAPS is IM shorthand for shouting.
  • Don’t ask more than one question of the prospect at a time.
  • Do consider asking the customer for a bit of information with each answer.  Remember that it is a dialog not a sales pitch (even though it is a sales pitch!)
    For example:
    Customer: “Do you still have this car”
    Agent: “Yes, that car is still available”
    Agent:  “Are you looking only for a [model name]”
    Customer: “No”
    Agent: “My name is Mike Levitt.  May I ask yours?”
    Customer: “Susan James”
    Agent: “Hi Susan, That car is a nice one, what can I tell you about it?”

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