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ContactAtOnce! Chat Quality Scoring is an option feature that can be used a helpful management tool for training chat operators and increasing return on investment. We studied thousands of chat conversations to determine the measurable aspects of a quality conversation. The initial scoring model consists of 10 components (described below) that typically result in a positive experience.

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Conversations are scored by a nightly background process after completion (which means the score will appear in the IM Detail Report the calendar day after it completes). Missed conversations or conversations that do not have enough interactive messages to be scored will not receive a score as indicated by a dash in the score box.

IM Conversation Detail Report


  • Objective measure of Chat Quality
  • Great tool for training and ongoing quality management
  • No Mystery Shopping required. All chats are scored.
  • Chat Operators will perform better knowing every chat is being scored.

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Chat Quality Scoring Model
The following 10 elements are measured on every chat the meets the minimum requirements for interactivity.

  1. Agent photo (5 points) – Do the answering agents have photos associated with their chat greetings? The study shows you are about 60% more likely to capture lead information if the agent includes a photo.
  2. Initial answer time (7 points) – How quickly do the agents answer the initial chat requests? Five seconds is desirable (people start abandoning soon after), so top points are given to agents who answer within that window.
  3. Agent introduction (1 points) – Do agents introduce themselves in the first chat response? If so, the chat is about 30% more likely to result in capturing the shopper’s name because people tend to respond to an introduction with an introduction: “Hello, my name is Charles Day. How can I help you?” “Hi Charles, this is Ray Watts. Can you tell me if…”
  4. Response time (5 points) – How quickly do the agents respond to questions? They should try to answer within 30 seconds of the question, no later than two minutes.
  5. Ask for consumer name (2 points) – Do team members make an effort to collect the shoppers’ names? If shoppers don’t offer their names, just ask.
  6. Tag the consumer name (2 points) – Many will respond when you ask for their name, and you can save (tag) it to build the customer profile. That is key to getting chat leads into your CRM for sales matching and follow-up.
  7. Ask for/tag consumer phone (4 points) – Do team members at least try to elicit contact information? It doesn’t hurt to ask, so every member should at some point in the conversation (especially if getting an answer for the shopper is going to take a couple of minutes).
  8. Ask for/tag consumer email (2 points) – Again, it can’t hurt to ask and can keep the conversation flowing even after the chat.
  9. Update the lead status (1 point) – At the end of chats, do team members note if the customers require follow-up, are hot leads, are not leads, etc.? This boosts your CRM data and helps your sales team respond in the future.
  10. Use of all caps or not (1 points) – Do agents refrain from using all caps as they chat? It’s a chat best practice because using all caps LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING!

Sample Score Page

How to Turn On/Off
From the Settings Menu, choose Advanced Settings and then look for the Portal Controls section of that page as shown below. When the box is checked, Chat Quality Scoring is turned ON and you will see the Chat Scoring column in the IM Detail Report. When the box is unchecked, Chat Quality Scoring is OFF and you will not see the column in the IM Detail Report.

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