Hot Opportunity Transfer – Feature Overview

Feature Definition
The brand-new Hot Opportunity Transfer (HOT) feature combines chat, text and a co-managed implementation, enabling Contact At Once!’s professional messaging experts to forward “hot opportunities” to your company via text in real time.


Benefits include:

  • Reduces to seconds the time it takes to connect a sales team “closer” with a buyer.
  • Better lead qualification – Funnels serious buyers to your team for immediate action based on specific purchase-ready signals the buyer displays during a chat conversation.
  • Alert goes out to all of your designated Hot Opportunity agents with visual indication of Hot Opportunity.
  • Better time management – Buffers your team from more generic chat conversations that don’t need immediate attention.
  • Better customer experience – The consumer doesn’t have to reiterate points when these live conversations are transferred. All the details are captured for the HOT agent, so they can pick the conversation up where the professional messaging expert left off.

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How It Works

  • A Contact At Once!’s professional messaging expert identifies that a chat conversation needs fast attention, based on the conversation itself (using predetermined buying signals).
  • The messaging expert clicks the “HOT Lead” button to flag the conversation as a HOT Lead.
  • All company-designated HOT agent(s) are alerted with a visual alert and a push notification (regardless of login status on the Contact At Once! mobile app).
  • This alert never goes back to the professional messaging experts; HOT conversations are handled by your sales team from then on.
  • The HOT agent that responds first can then continue the conversation with the serious buyer.

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Adding the HOT Agent Designation
Contact At Once! now allows you to designate agent(s) to be a “HOT” agent on the Provisioning > Provision Agent portal page.