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Text Follow Up is a valuable extension of Tracked Call Alert that is automatically enabled for all accounts with Mobile Text Connect with no additional configuration required. ContactAtOnce! detects mobile numbers in real-time dynamically adding the Text Follow Up panel to the Tracked Call Alert window. Text Follow Up improves consumer engagement and extends the life of traditional conversations which typically end when the consumer hangs up.

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Text Follow Up to Tracked Calls provides several benefits including:

  • Extends and enhances consumer engagement through text communication
  • Conversation is fully trackable with reporting
  • MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) Best Practices Opt Out Compliance automatically enforced through system.
  • Conversation transferable to other agents

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How to Use Text Follow Up

The Text Follow Up panel will only be shown in the Call Alert window if the consumer number is detected as a mobile number. The system will also check to see if an existing Mobile Text Conversation already exists with that particular mobile number. If the number is mobile and not already engaged in a text conversation with another agent, you are free to engage the consumer by first asking permission to communicate with them via text.

Here is the exact process:

  1. Send the permission message – Notice the Text Follow Up form is pre-filled with your information which is pulled from your Agent Profile. To change that information, right click on the boomerang and choose Options then select My Profile. Make the changes and then click save.
    Note: The content of the Permission Message is restricted so it cannot be used for communication other than gaining permission from the consumer. There are multiple options for the Permission Message. Click the Next> button in the bottom left of the Text Follow Up panel to see alternate choices.
  2. Wait for a reply – The “Originating Agent”, owns the conversation. If the consumer responds “Yes”, the Text Alert will be sent directly to the Originating Agent as shown below. If the consumer responds with Stop, Quit, Cancel or Unsubscribe, text communication with that mobile number will be disabled.

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No additional configuration is necessary but you do want to confirm that Tracked Call Alerts are not being suppressed on your computer. Here is how to confirm:

  1. Make sure Tracked Call Alerts are Enabled – The ContactAtOnce! Chat Client has the option of disabling Tracked Call Alerts for an individual agent. To ensure that Tracked Call Alerts are not disabled on your computer, right Click on the boomerang, select Options and then choose My Profile. Make sure the check box at the bottom of the screen is not checked as shown below.

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