Release Notes – June 2014


ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of new features and products, many of them requested by you, our valued users and customers. Some of the newly released items for Q2-2014 are the following:

Agent Client 5.2

Several new features and enhancements were made to the Desktop Agent Client in version 5.2 including:

  • Multi-Language Support
  • Real Time Translate
  • MTC Blacklist
  • URL Push
  • Improved Dictionary
  • New Version Indicator
  • Enhanced VOI Support
  • Automatic Proxy Detect for Enhanced Content

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360 Partner Content Carousel

ContactAtOnce now serves value added content to the consumer during a chat conversation in panel that slides out to the right of the chat window. Consumers can start mobile text conversations, ask for transcripts, get pre-approved for an autoloan, complete surveys, etc. right from the chat conversation.


The Content Carousel is available to ContactAtOnce Publishers and 360 Connect Partners. HookLogic and ELend Solutions are the first partners to take advantage of this unique opportunity for content delivery.

Currently in the Content Carousel:

  1. Consumer Transcript Request
  2. Take It On the Go!
  3. HookLogic Incentives
  4. ELend Solutions – Get Pre-Approved in Seconds

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Improved Merchant Reports
Name Changes:

Several changes were implemented to improve merchant level reporting and portal user experience including:
IM Conversation Detail – now called Chat Conversation Detail
Lead Source – now called Contact Source

  • Responsive Layout
  • New Data Grid
    • server side processing for faster processing
    • new color theme
    • improved sorting and filtering
  • All Reports can now be scheduled
  • All Reports can now be saved to PDF
  • All Reports can now be exported to Excel
  • All Reports can now be emailed to one or more email addresses

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Conversation Transcripts to all participating Agents

Conversation transcripts are now sent to all agent participating in a chat conversation.  For example, if a chat was answered by a ContactAtOnce Chat Receptionists Agent and then forwarded back to the dealership, apartment community, etc., both agents would receive a copy of the transcript as opposed to just the answering agent receiving the transcript.

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Web Service Enhancements

Reporting Service – the following new fields were added to the result of GetIMDetail and GetIMDetailByVisitId

  • Latitude – The Latitude coordinate of the visitor IP address
  • Longitude – The Longitude coordinate of the visitor IP address
  • ConsumerAdvocateTimeToAnswer – The number of seconds for the Consumer Advocate to answer the chat.
  • ConversationScore – The Conversation Quality Score for the chat conversation.
  • ConsumerAdvocateAlerted – Indicates whether or not the Consumer Advocate was alerted for this Visit
  • ConsumerAdvocateAnswered – Indicates whether or not the Consumer Advocate answered the chat

Mobile Text Connect Service – new SendMessage method

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Tag Cloud Dashboard Module

The Tag Cloud panel now shows on the Home page of the ContactAtOnce! portal. It shows the most used words from the last seven days of chat conversations. The more frequently a word is used, the larger it appears.

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