MTC Provision

MTC Provision API  allows Providers and Direct Merchants to obtain a MTC number from US, UK, or AU. Optional settings include: Forward number, source (description), set as primary number, and disabling of lead generation. A WebServiceInvocation record is inserted for every use. Authorized users of the API will have an entry in the APIKey table.





Authorization header: “basic” + space + ApiKey

ReferenceId StringRequired for ProviderThe ReferenceID assigned to the Provider's merchant.
  • Maximum 50 characters
  • Parameter is null or empty for Direct Merchants
  • AreaCode StringRequired for US and CA onlyThe area code for the new MTC number.
  • Maximum 3 characters
  • Parameter is null or empty for UK and AU
  • ForwardNumber StringOptionalThe number that receives MTC messages.
  • Maximum 32 characters
  • SourceStringOptionalThe name or description of the MTC Number.
  • Maximum 50 characters
  • PrimaryNumberbool(0,1)Sets the MTC as the primary number if no other number is set to primary.
  • Null defaults to 1
  • LeadDisabled bool(0,1)Disables the sending of Lead emails for the MTC number.
  • Null defaults to 0
  • Response

    ReferenceIDStringThe ReferenceId provided by the user.
    PhoneNumberStringThe new provisioned MTC number.
    StatusStringWill contain one of the following messages:
    0 = Success
  • “Success”
  • “Primary number already exists, provisioning number as non primary”

  • 1 = Failure
  • “The ReferenceId provided does not exist for specified provider”
  • “There are no available numbers for the given criteria”
  • “There was an error provisioning the requested number”
  • Application Messages

    • EventCode:
      “MTCProvisionError” = 6400
    • Error Messages:
      “Failure to provision MTC number”
      “Failure to retrieve any MTC numbers from {Provider Name}”
      “The ReferenceId provided does not exist for specified provider”
      “The area code provided is not a known format”
    • Warning Messages:
      “Primary number already exists, provisioning number as non primary.”

    Application Tasks


    • For provider, ensure referenceId matches a qualified merchant.
    • AreaCode used for US, CA
    • Check that max MTC number has not been reached by checking number of records in textToChatNumber table versus the number allowed by the featurePreference value.


    • If user is DM, get MerchantId from directMerchantProvider table, otherwise use merchantid obtained from ReferenceId
    • ProviderId set from APIKey
    • Country set from Provider
    • Set ProviderType from SmsManager
    • Set Is Primary Number, ADF Disabled, Forward Number, Source
    • Get current or default Greeting Setting and Whisper Settings for US and CA.
    • Provision number with SmsManager
      • AreaCode is used for US and CA
      • Country is used for UK and AU
      • Add phone number to TextToChatNumber table
    • Update number in window config for primary numbers
    • Return Provisioned MTC number


    Provider’s country with US, CA, and tropo have area codes, UK and AU do not. US and UK have audio settings, AU does not (Not voice Enabled).