Agent Client 5.1 Release Notes – October 2013

ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements, many of them requested by you, our valued users and customers. Highlights of the new or enhanced features for the 5.1 Agent Client are the following:

    • Tab Redesign
    • Portal Access
    • Consumer Black List
    • Vehicle of Interest Support
    • Active Tab on Open Selector
    • French & Spanish Versions
    • Drag & Drop Document Sharing
    • Forward to Mobile
    • Disable Text Follow Up
    • Get MTC Conversations
    • MTC Spellcheck
    • Prevent CRM Lead on MTC Start
    • Connectivity Diagnostics

Tab Redesign
ContactAtOnce! has redesigned the layout of its tabs in the Agent Client. Tabs in the content area are arranged vertically to allow more content, as well as provide better organization.

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Portal Access
ContactAtOnce! has now added access to reports from the client menu. Agents can now manage settings and access key reports from the client. Also, credentials are no longer neccessary and all logins are automatic from the client. Agents can now access the following from the client:

  • Agent Settings
  • Social Profile
  • IM Conversation Detail
  • MTC Conversation Detail


Consumer Black List
ContactAtOnce! has added the ability to block consumers. Agents are now able to black list offensive consumers from the client. This will allow agents to block offensive chatters without logging into the portal.

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Vehicle of Interest Support
ContactAtOnce! has added Vehicle of Interest support in the client. Vehicle of Interest (year, make, model, and stock number) is now supported in the Customer Profile Update screen at the end of a conversation and updated in the ADF record. Additional configuration is required at ContactAtOnce! and your CRM system.


Active Tab on Open Selector
ContactAtOnce! has provided some client customization features. The “Active Tab on Open” selectors allows agents to select which tab will be automatically active when a conversation starts.

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French & Spanish Versions
ContactAtOnce! 5.1 Agent Client now has French and Spanish versions available.


Drag and Drop Document Sharing
Agents can now push documents for viewing to the consumer by dragging the document into the typing area of the client. The consumer will receive a message with a clickable link to open the document using the Google Docs viewer, and no Google account is required. This will alow the consumer to view, save, and print documents.

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Forward to Mobile
Showing our dedication to Mobile Leadership, ContactAtOnce! added a GoMo button to the client. If an agent is online with the ContactAtOnce! Go Mobile App, pressing the GoMo button will automatically join your mobile device to the current conversation, with a single click.


Disable Text Follow Up
ContactAtOnce! has added a feature that allow agents to suppress Text Follow Up alerts by setting this simple option in the client.


Get MTC Conversations
ContactAtOnce! has added a new feature that will allow agents to access MTC conversations. Agents can now pull active MTC conversations to re-engage shoppers, without having to login into the portal.

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MTC Spellcheck
In addition to spell check in the agent client, spellcheck is also applied to the MTC typing area of the client.


Prevent CRM Lead on MTC Start
ContactAtOnce! Agent Client 5.1 now offers agents the option to prevent the creation of a new lead when starting an MTC conversation. Agents with MTC, use it to follow up with prospects and/or customers who are already in their CRM database which caused lead duplication. This feature allows agents to prevent that from happening.

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Connectivity Diagnostics
ContactAtOnce! Agent Client 5.1 now executes diagnostics on key connection ports. This allows Tech Support to see which ports are available for connection to the chat network.

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