December 2016 Release Notes


ContactAtOnce! has added the following new and exciting changes in Q4-2017.
New Features:

Mobile Agent Client 4.0

What’s new in CAO Go! 4.0?

  • Our most streamlined, user-friendly interface yet (you’re going to love it)
  • Multiple performance enhancements for faster, more stable interactions
  • Improved video streaming in live web chats
  • Easier access to your conversations, from live chats to messaging conversations (texts, Facebook messenger, etc.)

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ContactAtOnce! Go! v4.0 is now available to download in the Google Play Store (Android 4.2) and Apple App Store (iOS 9.x).Click the relevant link below to download Go! 4.0 for your respective device.
googleplay appleappstore

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Desktop Agent Client 5.4

ContactAtOnce! has added several new features and improvements to enhance the chat experience for Agent and Consumer including the following:
New Features:

  • New Design
  • MTC Transfer
  • Euro Date Format
  • Consumer Profile on MTC/Message Conversations
  • “Not a Lead” treated as Suppress CRM

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Facebook Messenger Integration

ContactAtOnce! is now integrated with Facebook Messenger. Now your Agents can have conversations with consumers from your Facebook page.
Watch this video on how to set it up. Facebook Messenger Setup Video
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Google Adwords Integration

ContactAtOnce! is now integrated with Google Adwords. This obviously requires an MTC number with ContactAtOnce! and a Google Adwords account.
To make it work, simply select the Text option on Adwords campaign setup and enter the MTC number from ContactAtOnce!.

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Department Management

We have introduced a new concept called Departments which allows the association of two accounts for the purpose of transferring Conversations between accounts. For example, if you have a Sales account and a Service account, you can transfer an MTC conversation from one to the other without changing the MTC number on the consumer side. See MTC Transfer for more details.

To create and manage Departments, you will need the new Department Administrator role. This role has been given to all existing Administrators and will soon be managed via the portal. You also need the Department Key for each account which can be found on the Manage Departments page.

Here is how it works.

  • Initiate/Create the Department Structure by clicking the Setup Departments button. This will create setup Departments with the current account as the first member.
  • Enter the Department Key and Display Name of the next account that you want available for Department Transfer. The Display name is a friendly name like Sales or Service.
  • To remove an account from the Department group, click the X button in the far right column.
As seen before Departments are setup.

As seen after initial Department structure is created.

As seen when multiple Departments now associated.

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