Advertiser Provisioning

From this page, you may provision an Advertiser when using ContactAtOnce!

Please review Provisioning Overview to understand the implications of Advertiser Unprovisioning.

Advertiser Provisioning

provision advertiser provision advertiser2

Advertiser ID

The unique identifier that the Publisher uses to identify the advertiser.

Advertiser Name

Name as it will appear to Advertisers in email communications sent on Publisher’s behalf by ContactAtOnce!


Individuals that have an interest in the provisioning process for the specified advertisers.  The individuals will receive a carbon copy of the provisioning email sent to each advertiser.  This information is useful when the administrator at an advertiser is not the person that actually requested the service.  For example, if the General Sales Manager at a an automotive dealership requests the service by the Internet Sales Manager will be the administrator then Internet Sales Manager is automatically informed that the General Sales Manager requested the service.

Primary Administrator

The primary administrator for the advertiser.  Each administrator, primary or otherwise, will receive a provisioning email that will guide them through the ContactAtOnce! setup process.


Additional administrators for the advertiser.

Telephone Configuration

The “Forward Calls To” field sets the default telephone number to forward  inbound tracked calls and click-to-call standalone for advertiser.  These values may be changed by the advertiser at any time.

Tracked Number Request

Request tracked telephone number(s) for this advertiser.  This request is “offline”.  You will receive a follow up email with the requested number(s).  For real-time tracked number provisioning, please see Provision Tracked Number.


The placements for which the advertiser is subscribing from the Publisher.