Behavioral Chat Invitations

Feature Definition

ContactAtOnce! Behavioral Chat Invitations (BCI) are rules-based automated chat invitations issued to web site visitors based on one or more behavioral triggers. Uses data gathered through Live Visitor Tracking script as basis for real-time trigger analysis.

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  • Increases Chat Volume – more chat invitations means more chat conversations.
  • Intelligent Targeting – Invitations can be tailored to the behavioral patterns of the shopper at all stages of the sales funnel increasing influence upon the shopper to chat.

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If time on site current visit > 3 mins AND # visits > 3 in last 2 days, send Free Oil Change with Test Drive invitation.

Behavioral Chat Invitation

Portal user would have uploaded the oil change image and specified the invitation text on Behavioral Chat Settings page.
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How It Works

Behavioral Chat Invitations are automated so they must be configured in the portal. Each BCI has a Type and a Rule.

Three types of BCI are now supported.

Behavioral Chat Invitation Types

One or more of these triggers can be combined to create a rule.

  • Repeat Visitor Threshold  ( >= X visits in Y days )
  • Time on Site Current Visit ( >= X mins on current visit)
  • Landing Page =
  • Current Page =
  • Keyword =

Example: Time on Site >=5 mins AND visits >=3 in 2 days

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