Product Release Notes – June 2013

ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements, many of them requested by you, our valued users and customers. Highlights of the new or enhanced features include:

  • Mobile Agent Client 3.0
  • Chat Quality Score
  • Agent & Merchant Collection Management
  • New Web Services
  • Updated Reports

Mobile Agent Client 3.0
ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements to the Mobile Agent Client, now available, as v3.0.  Learn More
These enhancements include several functional and technical enhancements including:

  • iOS & Android Device Support
  • Streamlined Registration
  • Multi-Chat
  • Mobile Text Connect
  • Works as Background Application
  • Origination URL
  • Announcements

Chat Quality Score
ContactAtOnce! Chat Quality Scoring is an option feature that can be used a helpful management tool for training chat operators and increasing return on investment. We studied thousands of chat conversations to determine the measurable aspects of a quality conversation. The initial scoring model consists of 10 components (described below) that typically result in a positive experience. Learn More

Conversations are scored by a nightly background process after completion (which means the score will appear in the IM Detail Report the calendar day after it completes). Missed conversations or conversations that do not have enough interactive messages to be scored will not receive a score as indicated by a dash in the score box.

IM Conversation Detail Report

Agent & Merchant Collection Management
ContactAtOnce! has greatly improved the process of managing agent assignments for Merchant Organizations. Portal Administrators of Merchant Organizations will now see a new option under Provisioning called Collection Management. Here you can create collections of agents and merchants and assign them to each other.

As shown in the graphic below, multiple Agents 1-4 are assigned to Merchants 1-4 in the Southern Region BDC Collection. To have Agent 5 answer chats for Merchants 1-4, simply add Agent 5 to the Collection.
Collection based filtering options have also been added to the Cross Account Agent Assignment tool.
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New Web Services
The Contact At Once! has added several new methods and services to the already extensive web service collection.
Account Manager

  • Activate Chat Receptionists – Activates Chat Receptionist Service for a single account. Learn more about the System Manager Service
  • Deactivate Chat Receptionists – Deactivates Chat Receptionist Service for a single account.
  • Activate Full Reporting – Activates Full Reporting for a single account.
  • Deactivate Full Reporting – Deactivates Full Reporting for a single account. Learn more about the System Manager Service
  • SetChatReceptionistsStopLimit – Sets the Chat Receptionists Stop Limit for a single account.

Advertiser Manager

  • Get Email Contacts – Get the email address of specified type from existing Advertiser. Learn more about the Advertiser Manager Service
  • Add Email Contacts – Add an Email Contact to existing Advertiser. Learn more about the Advertiser Manager Service
  • Remove Email Contacts – Remove an Email Contact from existing Advertiser.

Updated Reports
ContactAtOnce! has improved reporting capabilities by adding a “Leads Captured” column to the Agent Performance report.
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