Agent Client v4.3 Release Notes – January 2012

ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements to the Agent Client, now available, as v4.3. These enhancements include several functional and technical enhancements including:

Functional Enhancements:

  • Consumer Profile window in initial pop
  • Improved Agent Assumption Support
  • Mobile Text Connect
  • Improved Sound and Graphics

Consumer Profile Context in Conversation Window
ContactAtOnce! now provides Consumer Profile Context in the initial conversation window making useful information easier to access. Here is what is shown:

  • Geomap of the consumers location
  • Referring site (1)
  • Search keywords used to find the site (1)
  • Click path (1)

(1) requires Deluxe or Premium Edition


See the following page for more information on Visitor Context
Improved Agent Assumption Support
ContactAtOnce! improved usability by addressing two issues related to agent assumption: 1) profile updates and 2) status driven help messages.
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Functional Enhancements

  • Auto Update Profile
    Now agent name, and telephone number are automatically updated in the agent profile upon agent assumption
  • Login Error
    Now if agent assumption is attempted when client is not logged in, user-friendly messages are displayed.

Mobile Text Connect
Mobile Text Connect, currently in Beta Release is another ContactAtOnce! innovation that allows you to interact with your mobile customers.

Customers use the text feature on their cell phones or other mobile devices to chat with your agents who respond via the ContactAtOnce! IM Client. Learn more about Mobile Text Connect.

  • Text Conversation Window
    Text Conversations are conducted in a different window than traditional chat conversations. As a text message comes in from a consumer, this window will pop up as an IM Alert allowing the agent to respond, see transcript history and contextual information about the consumer. Learn more about Mobile Text Connect.text-conversation
  • Default Country Options
    This option allows you to choose your default country for Mobile Text Connect messages.SMSCountry

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Improved Sound & Graphics
ContactAtOnce! has implemented new sounds and graphics to improve usability.

  • Improved Sounds – The following new sounds were implemented with the 4.3 client.
    New Sounds in 4.3 Client
    Sound Play
  • Improved Images – The following new images were implemented with the 4.3 client.
    New Images in 4.3 Client
    Section Image
    Task Bar 43taskbar
    System Tray – Online 43online
    System Tray – Offline 43offline
    Roster Top 43rostertop
    Roster Bottom 43rosterbottom

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