Mobile Agent Client v3.0 Release Notes – May 2013

ContactAtOnce! has developed a number of enhancements to the Mobile Agent Client, now available, as v3.0. These enhancements include several functional and technical enhancements including:


  • iOS & Android Device Support
  • Streamlined Registration
  • Multi-Chat
  • Mobile Text Connect
  • Works as Background Application
  • Origination URL
  • Announcements

iOS and Android
ContactAtOnce! Mobile Agent Client v3.0 is available immediately in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Click the link below to download ContactAtOnce! GO for your respective device.

android-market apple-appstore
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Streamlined Registration
ContactAtOnce! has simplified the registration process with a quick and easy two step process. Just enter your email address as shown below and click submit. An email will be sent with a 4 digit code to activate the device. If you know your IM Id and password, you can enter it manually and activate the device in a single step.

Step 1

Step 2

device-2013-04-18-124114 reg-2

ContactAtOnce! Mobile Agent Client V3.0 supports multiple concurrent chat conversations. As new messages come in, red badge indicators show up on the menu and in conversation list to highlight which conversations need attention.


 Mobile Text Connect
ContactAtOnce! Mobile Agent Client V3.0 supports Mobile Text Connect


Works as Background Application
Previous versions of the ContactAtOnce! Mobile Agent Client were not capable of running in the background and required Push Notifications to start a conversation. Version 3.0 does run in the background [ even on iOS devices ] and maintains a persistent login to the chat network resulting in better performance and faster answer times.

Origination URL Tab
The Mobile Agent Client v3.0 shows the URL from which the visitor initiated the chat. This is very helpful in providing context of what the visitor was looking at when they decided to chat.


Mobile Agent Client v3.0 has a new Announcements section on the home screen. These Announcements are used by ContactAtOnce to update the Agent on important events or content related to their device type or highlight new features.

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