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ContactAtOnce! provides a very effective tool, the “Business Card drop in” for stimulating lead activity. The dropin is a dynamic html component that visually “drops in” to a page with a visual call-to-action. Site managers may wish to control the frequency of dropin presentation to site visitors. The DropIn Governor enables a site manager to control the frequency of presentation of the dropin to site visitors.

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DropIn Governor Rules

The DropIn Governor allows time and frequency limits on the number of dropin presentations to a given site visitor. The DropIn Governor allows a site manager to specify a maximum number of presentations to a given site visitor within a specified period of time. The DropIn Governor includes two settings:

  • Maximum Presentation Count – the maximum number of times that a DropIn will appear for a single site visitor within a specified timespan.  Default value is unlimited.
  • Timespan.  The elapsed time period for which the maximum presentation count is calculated.

Example 1:
Assume the following:

  • Maximum Presentation Count: 3 (small number to make the example quick to follow)
  • Timespan: 1 Hour (again, a small number to make the example quick to follow)
  • The advertiser is online for each of the page views
  • Each row in the example represents a page view of a DropIn enabled web page on a specific site

Site Visitor Page View Time Session Counter DropIn Presented?Comments
Bill 10:00 a.m.1YesTimespan counter established at 10:00 a.m.
Bill10:01 a.m.2Yes
Bill10:02 a.m.3YesAt maximum counter, dropin is presented
Bill10:03 a.m.4NoOver the maximum Presentation Count; DropIn suppressed
Bill10:59 a.m.5NoDropIn suppressed.
Bill11:15 a.m.1YesTimespan reset at 11:00, or 1 hour after the initial page view.

DropIn Governor key points:

  • Rules are applicable to a specific site visitor
  • The default for the DropIn is ungoverned. That is the dropin will be presented as often as a site visitor accesses a web page with the dropIn and the advertiser is online.

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Configuring the DropIn Governor

To set DropIn Governor rules, please contact ContactAtOnce! customer support:

ContactAtOnce! plans to enable self-service updates to the DropIn Governor Rules via the Customer Portal in the near future.

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