DropIn Template XSL Configuration

The Intervention DropIn may be customized for your site with XSL templates.  XSL templates allow the dropins to be highly customized to your site design requirements or desires. Your graphic artist, or if you prefer a ContactAtOnce! graphic artist, can design an XSL template for your site.

To implement a customized dropin XSL template, your designer need provide a set of graphic elements that ContactAtOnce! Customer Support will implement as an XSL template

Design ElementRequirements/CommentsSample
Finished Sample- Depicts an example of the desired finished product
- Should be exact dimensions of a finished product
- Used as implementation guide
- Standard image formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
Background Image- Must be exact dimensions of finished product
- Standard image formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
- Includes all static images
- Includes no dynamic content (e.g., agent name or picture)
- Includes no button images
IM Button- Optional. Can use buttons from ContactAtOnce! library
- Standard image formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
Click-to-Call Button- Optional. Can use buttons from ContactAtOnce! library
- Standard image formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
Email Button- Optional. Can use buttons from ContactAtOnce! library.
- Not required if dropin to be presented only when advertiser is online
- Standard image formats (.jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif)
No sample available
Text Specification- Actual text
- Standard CSS specification (font, point, color) of any dynamically generated text
- 13 pt
- Verdana
- Bold
- Color Code: #ffffff
Size Specification- Specification in pixels of height and width- Width: 400px - Height: 200px

The DropIn template can display a number of dynamic elements that are provided at page service time.

Dynamic ElementComments
Advertiser Name- Display name for advertiser
Agent Name- Display name for advertise sales rep
- Includes first name and last name
Telephone Number- Automatically supplied if ContactAtOnce! tracked numbers used
- External tracked numbers (or non-tracked numbers) may also be specified
Click-to-Call Action- Presented only if clicktocall enabled for the account
IM Action- Presented only if advertiser is present when dropoin is served
Email Action- Presented only if advertiser is not-present when dropin is served AND option to present dropins when advertiser is offline selected

Implementation of custom DropIn XSL Template is subject to a configuration fee. Please discuss with ContactAtOnce! for details. If you require assistance, at any point in this process, click on the “We’re In” button at the top left or call +1 (678) 648-6961.

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