Direct Merchant Setup Checklist

Thank your for adding ContactAtOnce! to your website. ContactAtOnce! is designed to operate with default settings whenever possible such that minimal to no configuration is required. However, to optimize the value received we suggest the following:

Website IntegrationEnsure your webmaster adds the ContactAtOnce! integration tags to your website. ContactAtOnce! will not work on your website until your webmaster completes this activity . An email was automatically sent with the integration instructions to the technical contact specified when you enrolled in the service. See recommended placement matrix for suggested placementsGet ContactAtOnce! leads from your website!
DropIn ConfigurationChange the dropin configuration to meet your needs. Review configuration options at Send email with your configuration change requests and they will be processed same business dayBetter response rates
Sales Agent DefinitionDefine multiple sales agents to respond to customer leads. To define additional agents:
1. Login to
2. Go to Provisioning > Provision Agent
Greater lead stimulation
Higher connection rate with prospects
Sales Agent IM InstallationEach individual sales agent must install an IM client software on their computer. Each sales agent defined (in prior step) will receive a personalized email with a setup link. That setup link will guide the individual sales reps through the installation process.Many sales agents can use ContactAtOnce!.
"No hassle installation"
Click-to-CallDefine a "forward to" number for the click to call standalone. To set the click-to-call target number:
1. Login to
2. Go to Settings > Contact Settings
3. Specify a number in the Click-to-Call field.
4. Save
Click-to-call can call your designated number.
SMS AlertsDefine a cell phone to receive SMS alerts if an IM lead is missed. To set SMS alerts:
1. Login to
2. Go to Settings > Contact Settings
3. Specify a number in the SMS Notification Number field.
4. Save
Instantly respond to customers if you miss an IM lead.
VoIP & VideoEnsure your sales agents have appropriately equipped computers. A webcam and audio equipment (headset recommended) are required for full functionality of the VoIP and Live Video options.Quicker conversion of IM leads into buying customers.
The ContactAtOnce! IM lead is a phone call.
Presence Icon SelectionSelect icons that will work most effectively with your site design. To set presence icons:
1. Login to
2. Go to Settings > Manage Placements
3. Click "Edit" next to the placement corresponding with the presence icon you wish to change.
4. Click "Choose Icon" to select a different icon 6. Save
Better response rates.
ContactAtOnce! provides an extensive library of selectable icons.
Placement ConfigurationDefine, as desired, additional placements to tracked web site activity based on different portions of your website.
1. Login to
2. Go to Settings > Manage Placements
3. Specify the placement number that you wish to add.
4. Provide a name and description for the new placement.
5. Select he presence icons to be used (online/offline).
6. Save
7. Alert your webmaster to use the newly created Placement Id on your website.
Improved trackability of web site performance.

Recommended Placement Matrix

Having worked with hundreds of individual websites, we have developed recommendations for placements of ContactAtOnce! components that will drive the highest response rate:

Site LocationDropIn Business CardIM IconsClick-to-Call Icon
Home Page

Search Results Pages

Listing Details Pages

Contact Us Page

If you require assistance, at any point in this process, click on the “We’re In” button at the top left or call +1 (678) 648-6961.