Name Prompt Manager

The Name Prompt Manager allows customization of the content presented to the consumer before connecting to an Agent in a chat conversation.  Name Prompts for Mobile and Desktop are managed separately while Message and Disclaimer text apply to both types.

To enable a Name Prompt,  simply check the box, specify the Prompt Message and or Disclaimer text, select the fields and click Save Changes.

In the example below, the Desktop Name Prompt is enabled. Zip Code, Last Name and First Name will be presented along with the custom Prompt Message and Disclaimer text.  Zip Code is a required field.  The fields shown on the page are the only supported fields.  The text label of the field may be customized.  For example, folks in the UK may prefer to use the term Postal Code as the label for the Zip Code field.  The order in which the fields are presented may also be adjusted using the up and down arrows on the left side of the screen.