Solve This Common Service Follow-Up Challenge with Text

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I’m willing to bet that 9 out of 10 service managers have team members who’ve experienced the following (and hate it):

  • A service advisor calls a customer to provide an update, remind them about recommended work they initially declined, or follow up about something else.
  • The customer doesn’t answer. Not surprising. Who answers their phone nowadays?
  • The service advisor begins leaving a voicemail.
  • Meanwhile, the service advisor is paged (on the overhead PA or on their literal pager) and told that the customer he/she is currently leaving a message for is on another line.

Imagine that happening multiple times a day. Imagine how inefficient it is.

That said, service follow-up is very important, and it’s often one of the KPIs that service departments are measured on. And for good reason! Automotive News interviewed a dealer who focuses on this type of follow-up and produces 2 – 5 extra service appointments per week.

So you know your service department needs to consistently follow up with customers. You also know that when customers don’t answer the call, the perception is that your follow-up performance is poor.

Text messaging may be the answer to better follow-up connections.

Imagine if the advisor in the above example had spent 3 – 5 minutes sending multiple outbound follow-up texts instead of calling. Not only would it be more efficient, it’s what the majority of consumers say they prefer: 76% of car buyers in our 2016 Consumer Survey said they’d prefer to message with businesses rather than talk on the phone. In addition, 77% of car shoppers in that survey said they’re likely to message with the business that services their car.

Will that include you? I sure hope so!

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