MTC Phone Contact Card Auto Response

Topic Overview

The  VCF is an acronym used for Virtual Contact File. You may also hear them  referred to as a vCards. They are the standard file format that is used to store contact information for individuals in a digital file format.

There are three of Contact Cards to choose from:

  1. Agent  – this option is the default and will use the agents name, email and photo.
  2. Merchant – this option will use the account display name, default email and provider logo.
  3. None – this option stops the contact card from being sent.

Note: The above options are found on the Manage MTC page located under Settings in the Customer Portal

Using the MTC VCF (Contact Card) provides several benefits including:

  • Easily share contact information in a familiar and visible way 
  • Consumer has freedom to save complete contact details 

How it Works


Step 1: The customer will need to click the link that is automatically sent from the system generated message with the VCF that goes out after the agents first message.
Step 2: The customer will then need to select to Open in “Contacts”.
Step 3: The customer will then need to select Save to store the contact information.

Sample VCFs