Click Path and Visitor Context

Topic Overview
Click Path Tracking and Site Visitor context provides relevant, contextual data to the answering agent. That contextual data includes the click path of pages of your site that the visitor most recently visited, referring site and search keywords.
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Click path tracking and Site Visitor Context provide several benefits including:

  • Improved responsiveness- answering agent can quickly see recently visited pages and the search terms or referring site that brought the site visitor to the site.
  • Better trackability of advertising spend – by tracking search keywords, for example, that led visitors to the site and into chat conversations, merchants can better manage paid search spend.

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Viewing Site Visitor Click Path and Context
Site visitor context is available from within the ContactAtOnce! provided IM client during a chat session. Click theCustomerProfileButton button. When Visitor Context is available, it will be presented on the IM Conversation History page.

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Technical Requirements
Click Path Tracking and Site Visitor context is enabled by a tracking code snippet that must be added to a site. The code tracking snippet is available upon request from ContactAtOnce! customer support.
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