Blacklist Overview

Blacklisting provides a mechanism to prevent specific consumers from communicating, via ContactAtOnce!, with an advertiser.  Typically an advertiser will blacklist a consumer for being profane, abusive or frivolous.  A blacklisted consumer that attempts to use ContactAtOnce! will be forwarded to a non-functioning page and will not be connected to the advertiser. This functionality is only available for chat conversations.

Blacklisting a Consumer

Consumers may be blacklisted 2 ways:

  • From within the ContactAtOnce! portal – Access a conversation transcript for the offending consumer (Reports > IM Conversation Detail) and then click the ‘Click here to to block this user from further conversations.’  hyperlink.


  • From the Agent Client – An offending consumer may be blacklisted in the Agent Client by clicking the “Blacklist” button at the end of a conversation. Once the consumer is blocked, they will appear in the blocked list on the Blacklist Manager page of the ContactAtOnce! portal.



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Deleting a Blacklist

Consumers that were inadvertently blacklisted, or otherwise should no longer be blacklisted, may be removed from the Blacklist via the Blacklist Manager.  The Blacklist Manager may be accessed from the  ContactAtOnce! portal.

Once a blacklisted user is deleted from the Blacklist, they may immediately begin communicating with the advertiser via ContactAtOnce!.
Please see Blacklist Manager

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Blacklisted Consumer View

A blacklisted consumer that clicks to initiate an IM conversation will be directed to a ‘blacklisted’ web page rather than to the standard ContactAtOnce! IM window. The blacklisted web page initiates no communication with the advertiser.
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Technical Details

ContactAtOnce! blacklisting works via a cookie on the consumer’s computer. Thus only IM sessions that originate from the same computer will be blacklist.
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