Your Site vs. Ads: What You Get By Messaging in Various Places

You know we’re big fans of web and mobile messaging here. We’re not alone, either. Just look at what consumers and automotive businesses had to say about messaging in the shopping/buying process during our 2016 surveys! In fact, there are so many messaging options with Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company—including where you can deploy it—that understanding the differences can be a little confusing.

Let’s start with what it means to use Contact At Once! on your own company site vs. using it to chat or text with shoppers from third-party search sites. Both are similar (and important!), but not quite the same.

Messaging From Ad Listings

Do you offer shoppers the option to chat or text in questions from your inventory pages on third-party sites like Autotrader (U.S. and U.K.), and the like? Then you use Contact At Once! to message from ad listings! (Well, it’s pretty likely. We power the chat and text options for the vast majority of the industry’s search sites.)

How Shoppers Engage: Many shoppers visit search sites as part of their research process. As they narrow their search, they may click on your ad listing to learn more. Doing so will display the chat and/or text option, and shoppers can tap it to start a conversation with you. This lowers the barriers to lead entry and gives you extra opportunities to earn their business!

How You Get It: These messaging packages must be purchased directly from the search/shopping site (Autotrader and the like). They may be offered as an add-on or included in your bundle, so just ask.

What to Keep in Mind: Messaging with shoppers from these search sites is an important step in creating a better consumer experience. Just remember…

  • If you use a different provider for chats or texts on your website, you may experience some inefficiencies as your teams switch back and forth between different tools. (An easy solution is using Contact At Once! to do it all!)
  • If you currently only chat or text with shoppers from these third-party ad listings, you’re missing out on some pretty handy features (see below).

Messaging On Your Own Site

This option means Contact At Once! chat and/or text invitations appear on your company website…and can be added throughout your other consumer touchpoints (including ad listings on search sites).

How Shoppers Engage: Any of your site visitors can tap to start a direct chat or text conversation with your sales team (or our messaging experts). And naturally, it’s responsive. Consumers can initiate these conversations whether visiting your site on a desktop or mobile device (and continue it as they go about their business).

How You Get It: You can purchase these messaging packages directly from Contact At Once! or one of our partners, like or CDK Global. (And check to see if your OEM has a Tier 3 program with us. Many do!)

What to Keep in Mind: Being a direct Contact At Once! customer like this nets you the most flexibility and an armful of additional goodies. Here are just a few:

  • Wider deployment & streamlined access – With most packages, you have the ability to extend your chat/text engagements beyond your website, yet manage all conversations in the same platform, which could save time and money. Add these invitations to your landing pages or emails, put your text number(s) on print or digital advertising (including Google pay per click and the ad listings mentioned earlier), integrate Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Dealer-initiated texting – Along with responding to inbound text inquiries, certain packages also allow you to text customers who haven’t communicated that way yet. It’s a form of outbound texting that may encourage greater response rate as reminders or follow-up!
  • Chat & text management – You have the option to get expert assistance in answering chats and texts if you’d like. Our team can manage conversations as much as you’d like (including those from your ad listings). This can help “keep your lights on” 24/7.
  • Extra partner integrations – You can also take advantage of our integrations with other technologies, from AutoHook to CarFax, eLEND Solutions, PureCars and more.

Basically, no matter where you use it, messaging options spell convenience. And it’s smart to loop that convenience into every customer entry point, from your site to ads and the network beyond. Luckily, if you use Contact At Once!, it’s just as convenient for your team as it is for your customers: One solution to do it all.