Is Your Sales Team Tired of Answering Service Department Chats? Try This


Imagine jumping on an incoming chat or text request to help a ready-to-buy shopper and bring him into your dealership. Only he isn’t interested in buying. He has a service question. Sigh.

That’s not to say car buyers don’t use mobile messaging. You’ve seen the numbers and experienced the sales results! And yes, you know service requests are good for your dealership too―you’re just tired of dealing with them when you’re supposed to be focused on sales.

It’s a common sales headache, especially if your dealership manages some or all of the chat/text conversations in-house. Just think: Marchex found that 74% of customers calling dealerships inquire about parts and services! With so many preferring mobile messaging over calling today, those service chats and texts are only going to grow.

The good news is that there’s an easy cure for this headache, one that could give service customers a smoother experience as well!

Smarten Up Mobile Messaging

What you want to do is ensure that the right questions go to the right people. Here are three ways to start:

  • Offer Service-Specific Text & Chat Options – Contact At Once! offers a service package that includes dedicated text-enabled numbers and chat buttons that encourage people to “Chat with Service” or “Text an Expert” (for example). Consumers looking to contact your service department can tap the button to start a live conversation with your service BDC, advisors or whoever’s in charge of service department inquiries.
  • Let People Select Which Department – Sometimes people simply click the first contact button they see. So even if you offer service-specific options, a second layer of guidance may be wise. Contact At Once! calls this a “department selector.” No matter where customers click to chat or text, a menu pops up and they can choose to connect to the people they need: sales or service.
  • Buffer Your Teams with Managed Chat & Text – If the first two options aren’t enough, you can always choose a co-managed implementation to avoid distracting sales with stray service requests. Our professional messaging experts could manage chat or text conversations on your behalf, passing on the service or sales leads to the designated dealership teams. (And our latest product enhancement means serious buyers won’t have to wait for follow-up; your best sales reps can continue the live conversation with those hot buyers in seconds.)

Better Service Connections Mean Better Results for All!

When customers have clear, direct lines to the right experts who can answer their questions, you win in more than avoiding a sales vs. service team annoyance. It can mean faster answers for customers with service questions. It can mean that salespeople see more and more value in the chat or text conversations that do come to them—and respond faster—because they’re more likely to be true sales opportunities!

In other words, these changes can help your dealership provide a better, more hassle-free experience for every customer…sales or service.