Reach More Automotive Shoppers with Apple Business Chat & Contact At Once!


It’s easier than ever for over 700 million iPhone users to connect with your company directly, thanks to Apple Business Chat beta.

Why is this important? Easier connections with Business Chat mean more connections, which can mean more potential leads, deals and service appointments—all of which you can manage in Contact At Once! (CAO!).

How this new messaging channel works

On its site, Apple refers to Business Chat as a way that makes “connecting with your favorite companies as easy as texting your favorite people.” They’ve simplified how consumers can find and start conversations with businesses of all kinds:

  • Participating brands get “message us” buttons beside their listings that consumers can find when they search on Safari, Maps, Siri and Spotlight. (They can also place a button on their website.)
  • With one tap—and without even having to visit the company’s site or ad— consumers can start a conversation, right within their native Messages app.

Basically, it puts your company on every iOS user’s speed dial or Favorites list (except it’s better because they message instead of call).

How you could make this experience even better

In addition, Business Chat connections can be more than simple SMS text messages. You can work with your messaging platform (like Contact At Once!) to develop a richer experience that delights consumers with its usefulness and convenience. Consider these following examples:

  • Get on consumers’ calendars – With Business Chat, customers could schedule their service appointments, test drives and more (confirming and adding it to their own calendar to ensure there are no conflicts).
  • Route conversations per consumer choice – A built-in app can present lists of options for shoppers to choose from (like sales or service), helping your answering team be more effective.
  • Integrate apps for added power – Have a brand app? Consider creating an iMessage app extension. Consumers can then download your app and interact with it directly from within your Business Chat conversation.
  • Future Feature: Add ease to service & parts payments – Eventually, CAO! could even help you incorporate Apple Pay into your service experience (or wherever else you see fit). With this future feature, customers could potentially check out from within their Business Chat conversation – no need to wait at the counter even longer.

How Contact At Once! can help you harness this power

In order to join this new messaging channel, you have to register for a Business Chat ID and get approved by Apple. One of the requirements is your use of a customer service platform that supports Business Chat, like CAO! Business Chat conversations flow through your chosen platform, so if you use CAO!…

  • You can manage all messaging channels in one place – You can use the CAO! platform to manage all your conversational commerce connections, from Apple Business Chat to messages from your websites, mobile apps, social and advertising. Why juggle multiple systems?
  • You can use powerful selling tools – When shoppers ask questions, your team should be able to quickly share detailed information and securely capture any resulting leads. CAO! helps with built-in inventory feeds, vehicle history reports and consumer profile widgets that track to your CRM.
  • You can “Tango” for answering help – Do you Tango? If not, you may want to start now! Direct customers of CAO! can use our Live Advisors to respond on their behalf whenever needed, including nurturing consumers along the buying and service paths. This ensures your responses are prompt and consistent, which helps create the kind of experience consumers crave.

More and more companies are using Business Chat to lower the barrier to consumer connections and make those interactions as sticky as possible. CAO! is ready to help you be next.