Our Kelley Blue Book® Integration: How to Better Answer the “What’s My Car Worth” Question

Asking for a trade-in value is one of the top five things consumers do when clicking on chat, text and messaging buttons—8% of car shopper conversations focus on that topic. Usually, you have to direct shoppers to visit a specific URL on your site (or off) to fill out the valuation form and hope they come back one way or another. But if you’re a Contact At Once! customer, you now can help shoppers estimate their vehicles’ worth directly in the conversation window!

Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company, has integrated Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In Values into our Connect messaging platform.

Easy digital retailing option to increase car shopper conversion

With this digital retailing integration for mutual CAO! and KBB customers, dealer staff (or Live Advisors acting on the dealer’s behalf) can share the trusted Kelley Blue Book used car “Value Your Trade” form as part of the messaging conversation they’re having. Shoppers click and the form tool opens in an extended window, connected to their conversation. As they fill out the form, they can continue chatting or texting with the agent. When complete, the estimated trade-in value is shown in a range (pending dealer appraisal, of course).

Everything happens in one place – no delays, no bouncing around to different URLs or browser tabs. And this is an important convenience: Half of car shoppers in the Consumer Reactions to Digital Retailing study said a top frustration was how difficult it can be to get quick answers as they search online. Our KBB integration makes their trade-in valuation almost immediate, which can encourage them to take the next steps with you.

After all, you’re already talking with them. It’s the perfect opportunity to schedule a final trade-in appraisal or test drive.

Access the KBB valuation tool in CAO! Connect

This no-cost integration is automatically enabled and now available to mutual direct customers of CAO! and KBB. As a reminder, you must be using our Connect answering app to access this and so many other enhancements.

(Not seeing it, and think you should? Check in with your account manager or chat with the support team below!)

Watch the video at the top to see just how easy the KBB valuation form is to share with shoppers as you message. For example, as you converse…

  • Simply click the “plus” icon at the bottom of the agent conversation area to open your sharing options.
  • Click the option entitled, “KBB – Trade-in valuation form.”
  • You can preview and then send. And that’s it!

So the next time you get a “Can you value my trade?” request on your site, Google My Business, Facebook, Apple Business Chat, etc., remember this capability! Share the KBB valuation tool and help that shopper take the next step.