[Infographic]: Auto Shoppers Have Spoken (& They Want to Message)


By the end of last year, about 89% of companies expected to compete mostly on their customer experience (vs. 36% four years ago). Would you put yours up to the test? If the customer experience is all people based their purchase off of, would your dealership win?

Granted, that’s not the only factor that goes into a big-ticket purchase decision. But it is an increasingly important part, as the below infographic shows.

That’s why so many dealerships are implementing mobile messaging.

We’ve often sung the praises of mobile messaging and how it can lower traditional barriers to purchase and service (barriers like slow responses, inconvenience, etc.). But this time, we went straight to the source: We surveyed 1,000 consumers who either recently bought a car or planned to soon.

Overwhelmingly, these consumers said that convenient communication options can positively impact their experience in almost every phase of the buying and owning process, from initial research to service interactions. And dealerships are paying attention. In fact, there’s been a 43% increase in the number of businesses using Contact At Once! text messaging in just a year!

Click the thumbnail below to check out the infographic (or download the full 2016 Consumer Survey) to see why messaging isn’t a change dealerships should ignore.