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[Infographic] A New Way to Navigate Property Management

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Smart marketers ensure their communities are easily found on any channel or device, from SEO-optimized community websites to listing sites, Google pay-per-click and all forms of advertising. But being found is just part of the leasing puzzle.

All the slick marketing in the world can’t make up for a poor consumer experience—even something as simple as not getting a question answered quickly. And there are many such moments you could win (or lose). Here are a few from a recent Zillow Consumer Housing Trends report:

  • Almost 60% of all renters surveyed used mobile sites in their search (76% if you just count the millennials).
  • Renters contact 4.7 property managers / landlords on average.
  • Response time is critical: If they don’t hear back within their expected timeframe, 1 in 5 immediately turn to another property.

Let’s recap: They’re already mostly mobile. They want fast responses. Sounds like mobile messaging is a natural next step!

Start With These 4 Mobile Messaging Components

The below infographic illustrates the 4 things you need to create the best messaging experience in property management:

  1. Accessibility – Your mobile messaging options should help you connect everywhere your community is represented: community site, ILS, print ads, digital ads, signage, social media, etc. If you don’t make it easy to connect in every moment, you risk losing renters to another community…or simply their busy lifestyle.
  2. Smart Conversation Management – Your messaging platform should make it easy to manage all the resulting conversations in one place. Mobile app access is ideal, too. You should also consider complementing your team with outsourced messaging experts to help convert chatting / texting consumers into highly engaged leads.
  3. Messaging Life Cycle – Quick, easy communication only adds to a resident’s satisfaction.
  4. Partnership – Contact At Once! is ready to enhance your existing messaging strategy with the latest options (like Google Adwords and Facebook Messenger integrations). We can also help build it from the ground up! Text or chat with us below to learn more.

Check off the above list, and renters will be able to connect with “you” wherever they find your communities, whenever they have questions, using the messaging solutions they want to use.

Infographic shows how mobile messaging fits into property management

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on January 20 2017