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How to Record & Text Videos in Contact At Once!’s Mobile App


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video must be priceless—especially with all the online research customers do. Videos are super easy to create and share with them, though! First, your Contact At Once! solution must include text (also known as Mobile Text Connect or MTC). Does it? Good! Now you can record and send a video via our mobile app as part of your text conversations:

  1. Open the Contact At Once! mobile app. (Haven’t downloaded yet? Find it in Google Play and the App Store and set up your account.)
  2. Open an existing text conversation by clicking one of your “Messaging Conversations.”
  3. Select the plus sign on the lower left of the screen.
  4. Choose to “Take Video.” (You can also capture and send images OR choose to send a video or picture saved in your library.)
  5. Record the video just like taking any other video on your phone, and the Contact At Once! system will upload it and send you the link.
  6. Share the video link in your text conversation!

Why not just do this from your personal mobile account, you ask? Well, using our app can mean…

Reduced risk – Texting through our solution helps you manage compliance with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Our permission-based rules automate opt-in/opt-out controls, prevent you from mistakenly texting someone who has opted out, document the conversations, etc.

Better tracking – The entire conversation will be housed in your Contact At Once! platform, which integrates with your CRM for better tracking. You can even tell when the consumer has watched the video (and how many times), thanks to an email notification and an alert next to the text conversation in the app.

So if you want to embrace people’s love of mobile video and text—and make the customer experience even more personal—it’s easy, safe and trackable with Contact At Once!

Written by: Natalie Gullatt on May 23 2016