How to Answer the “Is This Vehicle Available” Question via Chat or Text

large inventory of vehicles in stock

Recently, an acquaintance told the story of chatting with a car dealer about a specific vehicle. Excited to find exactly what she was looking for, she asked the agent, “Is this vehicle available?” The answer: “Sorry, no.” End of chat.

With over 10 years of chats under our belts, we at Contact At Once! have plenty of data. After reviewing that data, we found that the Number One Reason consumers chat is to find out if your inventory is still in stock. In fact, 24% of all conversations revolve around that question.

But are you answering correctly? Have you trained your team for this? Are you ready? (I won’t call out any names, but I’m afraid that the answer is “no” for a great many of you!)

3 Tips to Keep the Conversation Going

If you have the vehicle they’re asking about, the answer is simple: “Yes.” If that car was just sold, though, it’s another story. The key is saying no in a positive way…and that may require a little proactive digging on your part. Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Resist the urge to answer quickly with “No.” Even if you’re prepared to offer something else, they may not stick around to see your next message.
  2. Ask a question of your own to buy time. Along with reassuring the shopper that you’re double-checking the inventory for them, ask what they like best about that vehicle. That may help you gather a list of wants and needs to help with point #3 below.
  3. Take a moment to find an alternative before you respond. Review your inventory and find a similar vehicle based on what they were looking for (and why they liked it). Then suggest that other vehicle in your response.

You may find that another vehicle meets their requirements and results in a sale due to your quick thinking and persuasion!

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