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How to Activate CDK Audience Viewer for More Shopper Insights


It’s always smart to know as much about a potential buyer as you can. It helps you better direct the sales conversation and actually provide relevant, helpful information. And that, of course, can get you one step closer to the actual purchase.

That’s why we wanted to highlight a quick “how-to” about a new, first-of-its-kind Contact At Once! integration with CDK dealer websites: CDK Audience Viewer. You can view CDK behavioral shopper data right in the chat window as you’re talking with an online shopper!

How to Activate CDK Audience Viewer

First, you have to be a mutual customer of both Contact At Once! and CDK Global (for your website). To access this feature, your Contact At Once! administrator then needs to…

  1. Log in to the Contact At Once! portal.
  2. Open the “Provisioning” tab in the bar across the top.
  3. Click “Chat Network Provision.”
  4. Scroll down the Chat360 Partner list and locate CDK Global.
  5. Enter your website’s CDK Web ID as requested. (Don’t know it? Reach out to Contact At Once! Support, and we’ll assist! You can ask your CDK Global Account Advocate or call CDK Support at 800.909.8244, too.)
  6. After entering your ID, click “Activate.”

Once active, you’ll start seeing any shopper interest identified by CDK in your chat dialogue. If you don’t see it (or run into any issues), let Contact At Once! Support know.

Why You’ll Want to Do It

With CDK Audience Viewer activated in Contact At Once!, you’ll have easy access to see what type of car(s) the shoppers are viewing (make, model, pre-owned, new or both) and where they are in their shopping journey (the consumer’s “Purchase Outlook”). For example, the “Purchase Outlook” will indicate one of the following:

Likely Buyer – These are the most engaged types of shoppers—four times more likely than the average site visitor to convert to a sale! They’re determined by time spent on site, number of pages viewed, what content pages they’re viewing, how they interact with third-party research sites, OEM sites and more.

Active Shopper – These shoppers have indicated interest by doing vehicle research, but their actions aren’t as frequent or as numerous as those of a likely buyer.

Early Interest – These visitors have either disabled tracking, are exclusively shopping your service/parts pages, or just haven’t done the vehicle research to indicate interest in buying yet. (Don’t ignore them, though: They may be ready and just need a question or two answered.)

We hope you can use these details to guide your salespeople’s chat talk tracks and have better conversations overall!

For more tips on how to get the most out of your Contact At Once! solution, visit our Quick Tips blog section.

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on September 20 2016