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Hot Opportunity Transfer: Are You “Hot” or Not?

Will all the HOT dealers please stand up? No, I’m not talking about who looks good today (I promise).

I’m talking about those who’ve taken advantage of our Hot Opportunity Transfer (HOT) capability, a standard feature for dealerships on our Professional package. The combination of chat, text and a co-managed implementation allows Contact At Once! messaging experts to connect customers who are giving purchase-ready signals directly to HOT-enabled sales reps at the dealership. Basically, our team weeds out the tire-kickers and introduces the serious buyers to your serious sellers.

For the most effectiveness, though, you want to set up the right HOT team. And we’re here to help!

Who Is HOT Material?

Not everyone gets to be a “designated hottie,” so to speak. Some dealerships only set up their hungriest sales reps because handling HOT leads is a big responsibility. These people will receive push notifications about a serious buyer from the Contact At Once! mobile app, pick up the text conversation ASAP, and hopefully seal the deal. And they’ll get more chances to do so!

But as I mentioned, with great power comes great responsibility: You have to be ready to answer those consumers anytime, anywhere. In other words, the best HOT agent is…

  • A go-getter.
  • An intelligent and excellent closer.
  • A tech-savvy salesperson who takes advantage of Contact At Once! and uses our mobile app wherever he/she can.

How to Designate a “Hottie”

Let’s say you’re a Contact At Once! admin. Once you or your director identify your best, hungriest closers, it’s your job to officially designate them as hotties (HOT agents):

  1. Log into the Contact At Once! portal.
  2. Click “Provisioning” and tap “Provision Agent.”
  3. From here, you can edit the agent you want to identify as HOT.
  4. Simply open that agent’s profile, and click the “Hot Leads” option toward the bottom.
  5. Click “Save,” and you’ve just designated your first HOT agent!

OK, You’re HOT. Now What?

If you’ve been tapped as a HOT agent, it’s an honor. You’re going to be trusted with the more serious potential buyers, people who need your dealership expertise. And that means you’ll get more opportunities to sell vehicles! Here are three best practices to make the most of it:

  • Always use the latest version of the Contact At Once! mobile app. (Keep a close eye on your app store.)
  • Be attentive. You may get a push notification in the middle of the day or at night, whenever a HOT lead is identified. That’s the perfect chance to wow the buyer with speedy responses and convince them to come in.
  • Read the transcript before responding. You can see what the buyer and the Contact At Once! messaging expert were chatting about earlier right in the app. (It’s part of the text conversation you’re now replying to, just in a darker color.) This will let you continue the conversation without making the buyer repeat anything!

With Contact At Once! as the front lines and the right team of HOT dealer agents ready to seal the deal, your dealership can set a scorching record this summer.

Got more HOT questions? Chat or text with us below!

Written by: Michelle Young on July 6 2017