Infographic: Google My Business Fuels Conversational Commerce for Dealers

Consumers who use Google My Business to message dealers indicate they are open to digital retailing, and many are using natural language as their interface of choice to seek information in finding new vehicles, appraising their car or scheduling an oil change.

LivePerson’s automotive division, Contact At Once! (CAO!), recently analyzed the conversations of 27,000 Google My Business messages for 300 car dealers in North America, and it is clear that shoppers and owners use the “Message” button to accelerate their path to the dealership.

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What Car Shoppers & Owners Are Asking

Most consumers who messaged via Google My Business had done some research online, and 1 in 5 inquired about vehicle availability. While we weren’t surprised that vehicle availability was the most popular type of message, we were surprised that car shoppers messaged for information that could easily be found online. Questions like “Interest in a blk on blk QX60 Lux do u have one available” indicate that the comfort level we see consumers having with Conversational Commerce in other industries is bleeding over into automotive. (These quotes are actual Google My Business consumer inquiries, unedited for authenticity.)

Pricing questions were the second most popular type of message, with most conversations occurring on “best price” or down payment needs. Service pricing accounted for 11.5% of all pricing conversations. As with vehicle availability, pricing messages resembled the Conversational Commerce trends we see in other industries, as consumers gain comfort in truncating the buying process with a messaging channel. Questions to dealers could often be as specific as, “What is the price. of Jeep Grand Cherokee 2017. Must be one owner a guaranteed not to have been in flood water.”

Conversations on trade-ins were often equally as specific, such as, “I have a 2016 Toyota Camry that i would like to trade in with this Honda Accord. what should or need to do before trade in.”

What These Conversations Mean for You

Overall, car shoppers and owners are becoming extremely comfortable in conversationally communicating their needs during the shopping process. For example, 6.0% of the conversations were about seating options and 5.5% were requests for more pictures. So, despite the terabytes of automotive data available online, car shoppers and owners are signaling they are very interested in interacting with dealers conversationally, just as they do on the phone or in person.

CAO! can help you quickly leverage Google My Business messaging for more conversations with shoppers and owners with these 3 steps:

  1. If missing, we will add the “Message” button to your Google My Business listing.
  2. You then can manage Google My Business messages alongside your other chats/texts/messages in CAO! Connect, your dealership conversation management platform.
  3. Our Live Advisors will answer all messages when your staff is not available, aka our “automotive tango” approach (where our teams work in concert to give your shoppers quick responses).

Providing dealers with the Google My Business “Message” functionality is just one way we power Conversational Commerce for car dealers. Stay tuned for future posts on messaging trends on third-party automotive websites, Facebook and dealer websites.

In the meantime, please click the thumbnail to view our “Google My Business Fuels Conversational Commerce for Dealers” infographic. (Printable version here)

*Quotes in this article are actual Google My Business consumer inquiries as written (no editing provided for authenticity).

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