Shoppers Can Now Text You From Google Ads. Are You Ready?



Google just made it possible for consumers to text with businesses right from an ad.

Similar to the popular click-to-call and site extensions that already existed for AdWords marketers, these new “click-to-message” (CTM) extensions have been in beta for months and are being introduced in the coming weeks. (In fact, Contact At Once!, a LivePerson Company, helped Google beta test the extensions with some of our automotive customers!)

When you enable this message extension, consumers will see a “Text” call to action icon when your Google ad appears in mobile search results. Tapping the icon sends a pre-populated text message to you (the advertiser) through the consumer’s native text messaging app. Quick. Convenient. No time spent on hold.

Sounds good so far, right?

What You Need to Know:

  • Already have a text-enabled number like those used with Mobile Text Connect, the Contact At Once! business texting solution? Simply use these steps to activate your AdWords campaigns with that number for the new messaging extension (or have your agency do it). Note: If tracking attribution is important to you, consider getting a texting number(s) specifically for AdWords. We can help with that too!
  • Don’t have a text-enabled number? That’s a requirement for this click-to-message ad extension. You can get them from Contact At Once! (and all the assistance you need to manage the resulting conversations). To get that text help, click here or message us anytime.
  • All the same consumer texting rules apply, including opt-ins and -outs, so make sure you’re using a business texting platform that helps enable compliant texting options. (You’ll also want the ability to track conversations, document transcripts and prevent employees from mistakenly texting consumers who’ve opted out.) For more best practices, download our texting guide.

Why You Should Jump on the Opportunity:

  • Increase sales or service opportunities – Americans exchange twice as many texts as they do calls (on average), and Contact At Once! customer sites adding mobile messaging have shown engagement increases of up to 40%.
  • Lower the barrier to customer connections – People searching for car dealers, service, apartments or homes could pull up a list of search results on their phone and tap to text with you right then and there. Convenience and instant gratification!
  • Use Contact At Once! to manage all those Google click-to-message conversations along with texts and chats from your websites, third-party listings, etc.

Contact At Once! Enables Your Brand’s Conversation Network

More conversations with more shoppers is always good, especially if you’ve got the help you need to keep track of everything. That’s where being a Contact At Once! customer comes in handy:

  • You can add your existing Contact At Once! text number to your Google click-to-message ads. (We can even generate a new, AdWords-specific text number for easier attribution.)
  • All text messages and resulting leads from those Google ads flow through your existing Contact At Once! platform and processes.
  • Your team can respond via your desktop and/or mobile app as usual. And if you use Contact At Once!’s professional messaging experts, they’ll be there to catch any texts from Google ads that your team may miss—or all of them if you’re fully managed—just like they always do!
  • All those new text conversations will remain tracked and secure with added help for compliance management.

It’s just one more way we are dedicated to making mobile messaging easy—and effective—for you. A good thing when you consider that almost 9 in 10 shoppers surveyed said they’re more likely to buy from a business that offers the option to communicate that way!


Have questions about using Contact At Once! text numbers on Google AdWords (or anywhere else)? Want to get an AdWords-specific Contact At Once! text number? Just ask! Text or chat with us anywhere on this site (or fill out this form if you want to go old-school).


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