How to Weave Facebook Messenger into Your Messaging Network

Facebook Messenger connects businesses to consumers

With over 1.65 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a behemoth you need to befriend…and put to work for your business. That means going beyond having a page for people to stumble upon. It means having a live presence, where you’re always ready to connect and help consumers take the next step.

Thanks to recent Facebook Messenger enhancements (and our own Contact At Once! integration), it’s easier than ever!

We’ve already been working with a few customers, helping them manage Messenger conversations through Contact At Once! Our goal was to see what works best for businesses like yours: How can you harness the power of Facebook and weave it into your current messaging processes for maximum results and minimum hassle?

What You Get with Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger can be a good addition to your current customer touchpoints because of its vast user base and convenience. You’ll be able to…

  • Meet consumers where they are – Over 900 million people use Facebook Messenger, and they send about 1 billion messages to businesses each month.
  • Have more opportunities to connect – The average user is on Facebook for about 50 minutes a day, so Messenger may be the most convenient communication method…especially considering their new ads (see below)!
  • Take advantage of their “click-to-message” ads – If you run Facebook news feed ads, people can click to open a Messenger conversation with your company (similar to Google AdWords).
  • Make referrals easier – If customers to give you a shout-out and link to your company page, their friends can simply message you if they’re interested…all without having to leave their social app.

Where Contact At Once! Fits In

The challenge with adding any new channel of communication is bandwidth for your team, even if outsourced. Juggling multiple systems can mean missed conversations, slower responses, inefficient tracking of customer data and plenty of headaches! If you use Contact At Once!, you don’t have to worry about that, though:

  • Use one app to manage it all – Receive and respond to Facebook Messenger conversations just as you would a text or chat from your website, third-party ad listings or Google search results. The Contact At Once! desktop and mobile app give you streamlined access to our enterprise-grade system—the one place where all your consumer-facing channels come together, along with reporting, analytics, etc.
  • Use existing processes & people – You don’t need to create anything new; Contact At Once! will route these messages to whomever manages your chat or text conversations already, whether it’s your own staff or our professional messaging experts.
  • Keep everything tracked & secure – Since the messages flow through Contact At Once!, everything (from transcript to customer profile) will be recorded and can be reported and integrated with your CRM.

Why You Don’t Want to Wait

Making your company more available and responsive on Facebook isn’t just smart. It’s easy with Contact At Once! And it’s more and more necessary.

In our recent consumer survey, 83% said they’d prefer to use mobile messaging to communicate with a business about purchases. Almost 9 in 10 said they’d prefer it for communicating about customer service issues. (See the survey report for automotive and real estate.) Facebook IQ and Nielsen did their own global mobile messaging study and found similar trends. More than half of their respondents said they message more today than they did 2 years ago. They expect their messaging to increase even more too, especially with businesses.

It’s not surprising. After all, ours is a culture of convenience. As consumers, we want easy ways to get things done, be it paying a bill, researching new homes or finalizing the purchase of a car. And it shouldn’t matter if we reach out from your website, a third-party listing site, a Google search…or Facebook.

No matter how consumers make the connection, you can be there, ready to influence decisions. So make it easy for them. We’ll make it easy for you.

Interested in getting started with this Facebook Messenger integration? There’s no extra cost if you’re a direct customer of Contact At Once! (if you use our Core, Professional or Fully Managed packages, for example)! Start a text or chat conversation with us now, or email

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