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Embedded Chat & Text Windows: Get This New Look

As a businessperson, you know the importance of making a good first impression and making things more efficient. (Those are probably a couple reasons why your company started chatting and texting!) Well, one of our latest product enhancements—embedded chat and text windows—can help you improve it all.

Benefits of the Embedded Window

Along with a fresh look and feel, the embedded window can give you…

  • More control over its look and placement. Once this new code is added to your site, you can update the color of the chat/text window, the pages it shows up on, choose whether it pops out or stays embedded, add your logo, offer specific consumer options (Send Transcript, Take It On The Go, etc.) and customize various forms—right from the Contact At Once! portal. No waiting!
  • An even better consumer experience. If someone chooses to chat with your company, they can continue browsing your site as the conversation goes on. Their conversation window follows them across the site, remaining accessible without interrupting their shopping. This way they can multitask and easily see when there’s a new message waiting for them.
  • More brand consistency across devices. The fully responsive embedded window adds a unified look and feel to chat and text conversations across desktop and mobile devices.
  • Potentially higher lead volume. Because of the boost to consumer experience, we believe the embedded chat window can also help increase the amount of good, interactive conversations, which can increase lead volume.

All that and it’s super easy for your website service provider (WSP) to make this change! It’s one piece of code for them to change across your site. In fact, we call it a “unified tag” because your WSP only has to implement it once…then you can control where it shows and what it looks like (see benefit #1).

Want to Get It on Your Site?

We are starting to migrate Contact At Once! direct customers (meaning you use us on your own website) to this new window (and tag). If you want to be among the first to get it on your site…

  1. Let us know on this page. (Note: Your company’s Contact At Once! admin or a decision maker will need to request the change.)
  2. Once the code is available, we will send it to to your WSP to implement. (It can take about 5 business days, depending on the WSP.)
  3. Then we’ll reach out to your admin and show them how to use the new functions, like customization!

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Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on October 11 2017