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Partner Integrations: How to Get Even More From Contact At Once!

You don’t purchase a product hoping to get as little out of it as you can. Ideally, you want to get more than you first imagined. And you can with Contact At Once!

I’m not just talking about the single access point we provide so you can chat or text with shoppers on your website, ad listings, Google AdWords, etc. Contact At Once! also integrates with other technologies you use, helping you engage more shoppers in more places with more effective results:

  • Most of these tech partners integrate our chat in their products, which offers the convenience of messaging to more consumers.
  • Some integrations supply additional car-buying or shopper-specific information into the Contact At Once! answering app, so you can have better sales conversations.
  • Other integrations make it easier to view our messaging data alongside other data.

Intrigued? Then read on to take advantage…

How to Activate Partner Integrations

If you’re a mutual customer—for example, you use our chat and text package on your main site and you’re a customer of one of our partners—these integrations are free! Your company’s Contact At Once! administrator can then log into the portal to kick off activation. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click “Provisioning” and select “Chat Network Provision” from the options that drop down.
  2. Your admin will see a list of companies that may be available for you to integrate Contact At Once! with.
  3. Find the company you want (and are a mutual customer of), and follow the steps. This usually includes filling in your customer ID for the company and clicking the “Activate” button near it. Note: If you don’t know your customer ID, the portal should also show details on how to contact the partner company. And you can always chat with our Support Team if help is needed.
  4. Contact At Once! and the partner will work behind the scenes to turn on that integration for you.

What Kind of Integrations Are We Talking About?

See if your company works with any of these 12 partners, then follow the steps above to get MORE from your messaging solution:


Dealerships use AutoHook and their gift card incentives to entice consumers to share identifiable information and visit the showroom (to pick up their gift).

With the Contact At Once! integration, these incentives will slide out of the consumer chat window as the chat conversation takes place. The sales agent chatting with that shopper will be notified when the incentive appears, and can direct attention to it.

Better Car People

Better Car People solutions craft and send compelling first responses to Internet leads and service appointment requests. These personalized email responses—usually sent in under 10 minutes—help set customer expectations and improve contact ratio.

Contact At Once! can add chat invitations to Better Car People’s emails, reminding consumers of another way to connect with your dealership for more details.


If you provide CARFAX vehicle history reports for used car sales, then your chat agents should be able to easily access these reports during a chat conversation (improving selling messages). Contact At Once! enables this; in fact, if the consumer chats in from a VDP, the report can pull up automatically too! You can then share that report with the shopper for more peace of mind.

Want to set up this Contact At Once! integration? It’s a little more unique, so let our Support Team know! We’ll work with your site provider to include the VIN in the code.

CDK Global Audience Viewer

Have a website built by CDK Global? Then you may know a little about the CDK Audience Viewer, which lets you view behavioral shopper data: what type of cars the shoppers are viewing and where they are in their shopping journey.

Contact At Once! dealers can view that behavioral shopper data right in the chat window as they’re talking with an online shopper (for more relevant conversations).


If shoppers check you out on DealerRater and like what they see, you can give them an easy way to get in touch with the Contact At Once! integration.

They’ll place our live chat options on your DealerRater ratings!

Digital Air Strike: ResponseLogix SmartQuote™

You pay close attention to responses from shoppers after you’ve sent them a price quote, don’t you? Well…

This integration adds your chat options to the multi-vehicle quote itself, giving shoppers a quick, convenient way to communicate the second they have questions as they read.

DMEautomotive “DriverConnect” Mobile App

If you offer customers the Driver Connect mobile app, you can deploy your Contact At Once! mobile chat options there, too.

Consumers will be able to chat directly with your dealership from that app.

eLEND Solutions

eLEND Solutions’ CreditPlus program offers instant pre-qualification decisions to shoppers as they shop for their vehicle of choice. Contact At Once! works with eLEND to make this experience even more convenient:

  • As the shopper chats about a certain car, you can promote the instant credit application in the same chat window.

  • Shoppers can also chat with your team if they have additional questions about the application.

  • If they are pre-approved, shoppers can immediately start a sales conversation via chat if they want to know more about the vehicle (say, if they can test drive it today).

Facebook Messenger

Consumers are talking to more and more businesses via Facebook Messenger, and it can be hard to keep up a good response rate!

Our integration lets you add these conversation streams into your Contact At Once! platform for easier management, and whoever answers your chats/texts can pick up these conversations too.

Outsell Newsletter

Do you use Outsell’s services to provide newsletters for current and prospective customers?

You can choose to add a chat link to it, potentially driving more conversations your way if the recipient sees something that strikes their fancy.

PureCars Market Value Reports

It’s always smart to sell the value of your vehicles. And if you use PureCars market value reports to spell it out for shoppers, you can also share this insight with the agents answering consumers via messaging.

Contact At Once! can display this on-the-spot intelligence from PureCars in the chat answer window, helping your team promote value.

VistaDash (formerly ROI-BOT)

VistaDash helps dealership executives manage all their vendor data and budgets from one place, a vendor-neutral data warehouse.

Our Contact At Once! integration allows you to store and review Contact At Once! reports through this reporting dashboard.

Integrations aren’t the only way you can maximize your Contact At Once! technology, either. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all the available features! Our Quick Tips blog category outlines several, and there are new “Advanced Agent” online training courses here that may help.

And remember: If there’s something you wish your Contact At Once! solution could do…ask! (There’s a good chance we can help you figure out how.)

Written by: Angela Wijesinghe on April 25 2017