Contact At Once! Takes Its 60 Millionth Message

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018, at a little after 4:00pm, we reached another milestone in Contact At Once! history. We logged our 60 millionth message.

It’s no wonder we hit 60 million messaging conversations this year. Conversational commerce is on the rise, with consumers relying more and more on chat, text and messaging to get farther down the purchase path, get repair orders in…perhaps even pay for those.

Proud of the Past & Excited for the Future

Back in 2005, the idea for Contact At Once! was born and development began. In 2006, we pioneered the use of live chat in automotive advertising, our founders literally driving around Atlanta and knocking on dealers’ doors. Today, we have a global messaging network of dealers, manufacturers and automotive advertising/search sites numbering 16,000+…and handling millions of those messages each year.

As Denise Chudy, our General Manager, says in the video above, we couldn’t have done this without the amazing support of our clients—the thousands of dealerships who rely on us to help them connect in the most efficient, consumer-preferable way and the automakers who choose us to help their brand-loyal shoppers find the way to a dealer from their Tier 1 sites.

We also want to thank the Contact At Once! team that has made this possible. About 125 employees are located here in Alpharetta, GA, and others in the UK, Canada and across the states work hard to make messaging a reality for our thousands of clients.

And we’re just getting started. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!