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[Infographic] A New Way to Navigate Property Management

renters are waiting to message you

Smart marketers ensure their communities are easily found on any channel or device, from SEO-optimized community websites to listing sites, Google pay-per-click and all forms of advertising. But being found is just part of the leasing puzzle.

All the slick marketing in the world can’t make up for a poor consumer experience—even something as simple as not getting a question answered quickly. And there are many such moments you could win (or lose). Here are a few from a recent Zillow Consumer Housing Trends report:

  • Almost 60% of all renters surveyed used mobile sites in their search (76% if you just count the millennials).
  • Renters contact 4.7 property managers / landlords on average.
  • Response time is critical: If they don’t hear back within their expected timeframe, 1 in 5 immediately turn to another property.

Let’s recap: They’re already mostly mobile. They want fast responses. Sounds like mobile messaging is a natural next step!

Start With These 4 Mobile Messaging Components

The below infographic illustrates the 4 things you need to create the best messaging experience in property management:

  1. Accessibility – Your mobile messaging options should help you connect everywhere your community is represented: community site, ILS, print ads, digital ads, signage, social media, etc. If you don’t make it easy to connect in every moment, you risk losing renters to another community…or simply their busy lifestyle.
  2. Smart Conversation Management – Your messaging platform should make it easy to manage all the resulting conversations in one place. Mobile app access is ideal, too. You should also consider complementing your team with outsourced messaging experts to help convert chatting / texting consumers into highly engaged leads.
  3. Messaging Life Cycle – Quick, easy communication only adds to a resident’s satisfaction.
  4. Partnership – Contact At Once! is ready to enhance your existing messaging strategy with the latest options (like Google Adwords and Facebook Messenger integrations). We can also help build it from the ground up! Text or chat with us below to learn more.

Check off the above list, and renters will be able to connect with “you” wherever they find your communities, whenever they have questions, using the messaging solutions they want to use.

Infographic shows how mobile messaging fits into property management

[Infographic]: Auto Shoppers Have Spoken (& They Want to Message)

By the end of last year, about 89% of companies expected to compete mostly on their customer experience (vs. 36% four years ago). Would you put yours up to the test? If the customer experience is all people based their purchase off of, would your dealership win?

Granted, that’s not the only factor that goes into a big-ticket purchase decision. But it is an increasingly important part, as the below infographic shows.

That’s why so many dealerships are implementing mobile messaging.

We’ve often sung the praises of mobile messaging and how it can lower traditional barriers to purchase and service (barriers like slow responses, inconvenience, etc.). But this time, we went straight to the source: We surveyed 1,000 consumers who either recently bought a car or planned to soon.

Overwhelmingly, these consumers said that convenient communication options can positively impact their experience in almost every phase of the buying and owning process, from initial research to service interactions. And dealerships are paying attention. In fact, there’s been a 43% increase in the number of businesses using Contact At Once! text messaging in just a year!

Check out the infographic below (and the full 2016 Consumer Survey) to see why messaging isn’t a change dealerships should ignore.

2016 Consumer Survey Infographic for Automotive Dealerships

Consumer Survey Infographic: An Easier Homebuying & Renting Process for All

Mobile messaging is what homebuyers and renters of all ages want

Property management and real estate in general are industries that thrive on referrals, which are fueled by good experiences. But what constitutes a good experience evolves with technology…because technology can change our expectations.

For example, we, as consumers, increasingly expect to engage with your real estate or property management team wherever we are, however and whenever we want to connect. In other words, we expect mobile messaging. Don’t believe me? Check out the infographic below, and consider the following:

Today’s Trends Can’t Be Ignored

  • MORE micro-moments – Consumers turn to smartphones or other mobile devices when they need to find answers or complete a task like researching apartments (91% of smartphone users do this).
  • LESS patienceMicrosoft says that our attention spans have gone from 12 seconds to eight seconds. No wonder we don’t like to sit on hold or wait for emails.
  • MORE expectations – We’ve come to expect a much smoother experience from start to finish. Many smartphone users immediately switch sites or apps if the one they’re on “doesn’t satisfy”: 70% switch if it’s too slow (by seconds); 67% switch if there are too many steps in the process.
  • LESS brand loyalty – Perhaps because of all the information at our fingertips, consumers consider more companies/brands than they did 10 years ago…and almost half say they’re more likely to switch.
  • MORE mobile research – Almost 90% of buyers use a mobile search engine during the homebuying process. And homebuyers aren’t just researching on mobile, many are also ready to connect and contact an agent.

It All Adds Up to Mobile Messaging: Text, Chat, Etc.

The good news is that the same technology fueling the above trends can help you adapt. If you make it easier to connect and get things done with text, chat and in-app messaging, you’re setting yourself up to provide the type of experiences that can lead to more referrals. According to our 2016 Consumer Survey results…

  • 83% of respondents would prefer to use mobile messaging to communicate with businesses about purchases.
  • Almost 9 in 10 respondents agreed that they’re more likely to buy from a business that offers the option to communicate via mobile messaging.
  • And 98% of those who used mobile messaging during their buying cycle said it improved their experience.

The people have spoken. Read the full 2016 Consumer Survey here, or check out the infographic below for a snapshot of why chat and text are such smart options for your team:

2016 Consumer Survey Infographic for Real Estate Teams

Infographic: Here’s the “Diet” Plan Your Dealership Should Consider


In a perfect world, we could make a wish and instantly have six-pack abs or a 32 waist. And in a perfect world, people would simply drive onto your lot and buy on the spot!

If only.

The reality requires a lot more work, as you well know. Only 17 in 4,002 consumers said they liked the current car-buying process, per’s Car Buyer of the Future study. On the other hand, creating a “better shopping and buying experience” would entice 72% to visit dealerships more often and 53% to buy more often!

The good news is that mobile messaging like dealer chat (and dealer text) can help. After all, consumers demand immediate engagement today!

Check out this infographic to build a “diet” plan that can help whip your car buyer engagement (and overall experience) into shape.


CTA ebook2016 clickthrough


[Infographic] How to Pick the Best Text Solution for Property Management

Adding text messaging as an official part of your resident communication or prospect engagement process isn’t a tough choice. Just look at the stats. Here’s the difficult part: Which text solution should you choose?

To help guide your decision, check out the following property text infographic. It sets the table with texting components you simply can’t do without, not if you want the best results:

  • Easy ways to get started
  • Integration with your property management system & more
  • Security & control, from compliance management to tracking
  • Flexibility to use multiple devices, provide faster responses & text videos or pictures
  • True convenience, like interactive group texting (where residents can privately respond just to your management team)

Click on the infographic to get your property text shopping list!
apartment infographic thumbnail

[Infographic] How to Pick the Best Dealer Text Solution

Adding text messaging as an official part of your follow-up and/or engagement process isn’t a tough choice. Just look at the stats and dealer surveys. Here’s the difficult decision: Which text solution should you choose?

The following infographic sets the table with a feast of features that can help you achieve the best results:

  • Simple ways to generate text numbers & place text buttons on sites
  • Integration with your other providers & messaging solutions
  • Security & control, from compliance management to tracking
  • Flexibility to use multiple devices, provide faster responses & text videos or pictures
  • True convenience, from continual training to freedom from ad contracts

Ready to satisfy your shoppers’ (and your team’s) cravings for text messaging with the beefiest solution?

Click on the infographic to get your shopping list.


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